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Well..... we might be in the middle of winter but I'm looking forward to spring...which for Atlanta is just around the corner....don't hate if you live in Minnesota:)

I am still trying to finish up my sisters porch before it gets warm so I am all things outdoor right now.  I was in Target the other day and they already have their stuff out and of course I was excited to see that that it was very neutral!!

My thoughts about that is you can always add color with planters and such right?

I thought I would check out World Market.  I used to stroll around that place all the time as they were right next to my grocery store.  Then....they up and moved and I was not happy about that.

Let's start with the big stuff first....

I love both of these seating groups and as you will see I picked a lot of good stuff to accent them! is a good neutral dining set.....

So let's get to work!

Check out these outdoor rugs!

And of course you will need to add a few occasional chairs and some tables!

 I'm not mad at any of these:)

Pillows....yes please!

Every space needs accessories.....even outdoors.

And setting the table will be fun with these right?

I did not link these because they are all from World Market....and their website is easy to navigate!

I am headed to Florida today for the weekend to visit a friend....I hate leaving Cami.

That sweet face....who is always there to love me.

I have a lot to share with you since I was at the Atlanta Mart last week.....I took pictures of some good stuff!

I hope y'all have a great weekend.  I am a ball of nerves since I have my divorce mediation in 2 weeks......not gonna lie.....this will be so darn hard.


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