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I have shared my personal life with you guys for 10 years now.....good times and bad.  Recently I wrote about my own struggles....but that will seem small compared with what I am sharing today.  This is something many of you have had to face.

Let me start from the beginning with a love story.

I think you all remember the One Room Challenges that I have done for my sisters.  The very first one was for "the Bunny" who is 2 years younger than me.  

Maggie is married to Brad.  They met over 30 years ago when they were both Flight Attendants and it was a whirlwind romance!  Bradley Virgil a confirmed bachelor met Patricia Jackson and that was it!  He nicknamed her Magnolia [he was a California boy] and she has been "Maggie" ever since!

Look at that smile.

They got married on Valentines hoopla...just them.

He just adored her from the beginning.  Brad always said that she made him laugh.....really laugh.

They had Taylor right away and I know everyone says this but Brad was 100% in with having kids.  He made the snacks.....did the homework....a very hands on Dad.

I am not going to say there weren't hard times.  As everyone knows marriage is not easy....add kids to the mix and you just try to navigate through the rough patches relying on your love.  It worked for them.  They came out the other side still passionate about each other.

Caitlin came along 2 years later....

I was always envious of the love they had for each other and their kids.  It was so strong.....

Taylor got married first and gave our family the first grandchild [Lucas]  2 years ago.  Brad and Maggie could not have been more in love.

Caitlin got married last summer....

Brad and Maggie celebrating that wonderful day!

The kids are grown and gone....
They fly together....

A year ago Brad retired to enjoy life.  He lived to take care of Maggie....did the grocery shopping, work in the yard, cooking and play golf.  That's what you do when you have worked hard all your life.  Time to relax.

It started with heartburn 6 or so months ago.  The kind that a whole bottle of Tums provides no relief. And everyday you think I need to get to the doctor to see what this is all about.

PSA.  Do it.

The appointment 3 weeks ago was for a scope and the diagnosis was supposed to be anything but what came next.

It was a Tuesday morning....I was home when Maggie called me.  I heard her say the words Cancer.....we both sobbed.  No this could not be.  Not Brad.  

Not Brad and Maggie. Not now.

Esophageal cancer...stage three.

So many doctors appointments....surgeons, oncologist, is overwhelming.

You hear words like staging, spreading, mapping, chemo, radiation.....ports....feeding tubes.....and HOPE. seems like such a soft word when you put it like that.  I mean wish, goal, plan, dream is not what anyone wants to hear.  That is like saying we are offering rainbows and unicorns.

Suddenly sofas and curtain treatments don't feel that important.

Brad....we are with you.  How trite does that sound?  
You are the one who has to do the hard work. 

You were one of the first to show up when I came home 5 months ago to my husband being gone. 

I can't even begin to put in words how I mad I am at this.  This is the fight of your life my friend.

I love you.....I love both of you so damn much.  
I'm praying for more time with your special girl and.....Caitlin and Taylor.  To play golf.  To garden.  To take trips.  To live. 

PSA.  The doctor said that everyone talks about colonoscopies for preventing colon cancer but they never recommend scopes....another easy procedure.  Don't put it off.


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