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Well....things and life have certainly changed a little since my last post on fashion.  I have lived through many situations like the gas crisis in the 70's [serious gas lines over an hour long] recessions....9/11 and now this.

I am not an alarmist at heart.....which can be a good thing and bad.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get the situation.....but when my friend sent me this last week I was shocked.

I don't go to the grocery store everyday so I wasn't aware of the panic buying.  I quickly did a toilet paper check and I have 22 rolls so I am hoping I'm good....

I don't want you to think I am taking things lightly....I get it.  I am trying to hang low and luckily I don't hang around big crowds too much.  

So I am showing you a few things that happened in my life in the last 10 days.....

I got an incredible tour of this home that is going on the market....

Rear view....

This Buckhead estate....was pretty amazing....

It's on the market for a measly 10 million or so.

I checked on the Ladisic Fines Homes project that I have been working finally got a coat of paint.  My fav color right now....BM Balboa Mist.

I took a drive to my project in Madison, Georgia and got lost....a trip that normally takes about an hour and 15 mins.....took me 2 hours so I was only able to be there for about 25 minutes.  Crikey.  

I rewarded myself with this snack on the way home because I felt I deserved it after all of that frustration:)

And I scored these throws at HomeGoods for a project....I love these colors!

My client has this flatware for the Madison project..... and it is gorgeous.  We decided to be a little more reasonable for the dishes as it is a second home and the DR table seats 10 and there is room for 6 at the kitchen island.  

So.....I found some cool dinnerware at Bed Bath Beyond....

The color is kind of a gray blue.  I think it's going to be great.

We went to Jenn Balcos Gallery and chose some beauties for Madison.

Some other good stuff I saw while there!

And went next door to Swoox for a few accessories.  Saw all of this great stuff while there.

Yup.... call the news station because there was a small event that happened at my house.  

I cooked on Sunday.

I had to substitute a few things because of the pure hysteria at the grocery store.  Yeah.... no quinoa [fortunately I had some frozen from TJ's] or fresh or frozen peas.  I ended up using canned. 

But it was delish....

Recipe here

Last up....I had to take this pretty girl to the vet again!

But she is all good!

Y'all.....I hope you are all hanging in there.  Lord knows that has been my mantra the last 6 months.  Some things you have no control over so just move through the "muck" of life and stay strong:)

Love you guys always.....

Just wanted to let y'all know all of this was done way before we were advised to stay home....except for the soup....I did go to the grocery store last Sunday and get the ingredients.  I am keeping my interaction to 10 people.....just saying.


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