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Man....I have no words about what is happening in the world right now.  I am not even sure I should post about something as frivolous as design....while this country is in mourning. I apologize if I am being disrespectful  to anyone.

I know that I...being white.... can not fully understand..... I have not walked their path but I have so much empathy when I hear their cries for justice.  And.... I have learned something everyday as I have read and  listened to what they are saying.  

You will never stop learning when you open your heart.

I did go to Madison on Saturday afternoon and y'all it was a much needed break....even if only for 24 hours.  It's so unbelievably peaceful there.

I had received the faux olive tree I ordered from Crate and Barrel.  I had looked everywhere for a container that I thought would be perfect.  Finally I was at Pikes [a local nursery here in Atlanta] and found the perfect one!

I might thin it out a little when I go back.....but over all it's a pretty good faux.  The rocks came from Michaels.

I thought I would start with the very beginning....this is how it looked when they bought it!

I suggested to paint it dark.... 

Look at the right and you will see the porch.  The porch became a dining room and family room after the renovation.  Another porch was built to connect it to a new quest suite.

The doors on the left were added to the master bedroom.

You can see the new porch on the far right.

The new guest suite.

Off to the far left where the barn is..... was converted to another guest suite.

On the other side of the barn is a  whole field of wildflowers....

I don't really want to share this but we went for a trail walk and of course I was talking about ticks the whole time!  I am such a weenie.....well wouldn't you know......about an hour after the walk I felt something bite me and I looked down to see 3 ticks on my ankle.

I was able to brush the 2 smaller ones away but one had already sunk it's teeth in me and I started screaming and hopping around like a 12 year old.  Anne went straight into "mom mode" "saying give me your leg Sherry".....with clenched teeth.  She grabbed that sucker and ripped it off my ankle and y'all....I was shaking.  I told her when I got home that night I had PTSD....and she told me "to get over it"....haha.

She also called me a "city slicker"....sometime she can be annoying. 

The back of the house....that is the screen porch connecting the guest area.

The furniture used in the barn.

It is almost finished....but I do love how it is coming together.  I went with the olive tree instead of the fig because I thought the green of the fig would be too bright for the space.

I ordered this bench from CB 2 and y'all its amazing.  The fabric matched perfectly!

Still waiting for the bed sham fabric from Schumacher.  It was due in May and now it has been moved to August....
Black and white art from Jenn Balcos Gallery....

 Charles Stewart chairs.  Circa lighting floor lamps.

That's it for now.....You can read the journey of this project by searching Madison on the blog.

As always thanks for reading and thanks for all of your support:)


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