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As I mentioned I had another round of mediation on brain has been wrapped around all the things still up in the air with my divorce agreement.  

Lord.....give me the strength to get through this s#*t.....those were my thoughts all day. I am still alive and kicking....pushing through the fire:)

But wait.....that is not why I didn't post.  I had a small install on Tuesday morning at the crack of 9:00.  OK.....smirk if you want because 9:00 is not that early Sherry.

Well I can't load up my car any more at night because of the break in [I don't have a garage] so everything had to be done in the AM.  I have a very needy dog that if not walked will cuss me out.  So blah blah blah....but it was also raining so it was like the trifecta!

Anyway I do have some pictures of the porch so there's that!

This was a renovation that I have been working on all spring and summer!  The iron doors separating the family room and the covered porch fold all the way back so it almost becomes one room!

I started with the main furniture which was from Lee Industries outdoor collection.  One sofa and 4 swivel chairs.

This Woodbridge fliptop table will come in handy for outdoor opens up to a full table and can be just moved out......

I had ordered this Pottery Barn coffee table a while back and stumbled across this small rug at HomeGoods a few days before the install.  It added so much coziness to the space!

The pillows and throws also came from Pottery barn.

I forgot to bring my steamer but I think these wrinkles with fall out naturally!

You can see a smaller porch which is the cooking area right off the kitchen....

While the slipcovers on the sofa and chairs is outdoor fabric the pillows and throws are not.  It would take a pretty windy rain to reach the middle of this porch.  The rug is outdoor though.....

This little nugget is very happy with the results....

A busy family of 3 boys and a dog.....everything had to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear!

The family room furniture is on the way and I can't wait for that install.

So it's Friday.  Raise your hand if that makes you happy?  I am going to workout this morning....take the queen for a walk and try to organize my life.....with the latter probably taking more than a day for sure.....:)


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