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Preparing for the Holidays

It happens every year. We pause to take a look at the calendar and realize that the holidays are not just approaching, they are here. We can scramble to prepare but that often just leaves us tired, stressed out, and unable to fully enjoy them. That is why I am writing this, never again will we be ill prepared for a holiday.

You have probably begun to ask, “Prepare for the holidays? Isn’t it a little late?” As I write, Thanksgiving has just passed; Hanukah begins in a few days; and Christmas and Kwanza are right around the corner. But that’s okay, because we are not talking about those holidays. We are talking about important holidays like Barbershop Quartet Day, National Mustard Day, and International Ships-in-Bottles Day.

Each and every year there are hundreds of holidays and events that fly under the radar and go uncelebrated. But not in 2021. Here are a few of these lesser-known holidays to look out for in the coming year:


4th - Trivia Day

A day to celebrate all of those useful and useless facts you have stored away.

23rd - National Handwriting Day

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and celebrate the birthday of John Hancock.

24th - National Compliment Day

Boost the spirits of those around you by giving out at least five compliments today.

26th - Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Delete all of those emails and spam you’ve been holding onto for some reason. You get a whole week for this one!



9th - National Pizza Day

Roll out the dough and make your own, or call up your local pizzeria to celebrate today with your favorite pie.

11th - Get Out Your Guitar Day

Has your guitar been collecting dust? Wipe it off, tune it up, and play. 

13th - World Radio Day

A day to remember and celebrate the power of radio and its ability to keep us connected.

17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day

Another chance to brighten up someone’s day and make yourself feel good along the way.


4th - National Grammar Day

Celebrate the rules that help us express ourselves and communicate with others. And maybe figure out where that semi-colon is supposed to supposed to go.

10th - International Bagpipe Day

A day for pipers and fans of the music to get out there and toot their own pipe.

15th - National Napping Day

A day to celebrate napping at the workplace. Tell your manager to check the calendar if they interrupt. 

30th - Grass Is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day

Celebrate what you have right now and don’t forget that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


3rd - International Pillow Fight Day

Grab your pillow and keep your eyes peeled because this holiday is celebrated in cities around the world.

7th - No Housework Day

A day to ignore the trash, the dishes, and more importantly, the guilt.

11th - Barbershop Quartet Day

The day you and your three friends have been waiting for. Get out there and sing.

17th - International Haiku Poetry Day

Today is the day / For you to explore the poem / Known as the Haiku

19th - National Hanging Out Day

Save money and energy by hanging your clothes out to dry today.


1st - Learn to Ride a Bike Day 

A day for children and adults to learn how to ride a bike. It’s fun and great exercise.

8th - Stay Up All Night

Don’t waste those precious hours sleeping. Stay up and celebrate doing whatever you want. Don’t forget to watch the sun rise.

16th - Ride a Unicycle Day

Being that you learned how to ride a bike earlier this month, ditch one of the wheels and make it a unicycle. 

25th - National Tap Dance Day

Watch a tap dance performance. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, and your downstairs neighbors don’t mind, give it a try yourself. 


2nd - Global Running Day

Long-time runner or just starting out? This day is for everyone to celebrate the joy of running.

15th - Nature Photography Day

A day to celebrate the great outdoors and the art of photography. Go outside and take some pictures.

19th - World Juggling Day

Around the world jugglers celebrate their art with balls, clubs, hoops, and anything else they can toss in the air.

25th - Take Your Dog to Work Day

Self-explanatory, but you might want to check with your boss beforehand.


3rd - Stay Out of the Sun Day

Beat the heat and give your skin a break by staying out of the sun today.

12th - Different Colored Eyes Day

Take some time to celebrate heterochromia iridis (two different colored eyes) and the unique qualities of people in general.

23rd - Hot Enough for Ya Day

Got nothing to say, but hate silence? Feel free to ask, “is it hot enough for ya?” today.

27th - Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day

Do not be alarmed if you see your neighbor walking their spider plant down the street. Today is the day for that.


7th - National Mustard Day

A day to celebrate all kinds of mustards, be it yellow, brown, spicy, or any other style. No ketchup allowed.

12th - Vinyl Record Day

Celebrate the music and the art of the album cover on the day that Edison invented the phonograph in 1877.

21st - International Geocaching Day

Geocaching is real life treasure-hunting using GPS. August 21 is the day to get out there and do it.

29th - More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Take the spicier option when seasoning your food today.


3rd - Bring Your Manners to Work Day

End your week on a high note by being courteous and polite with your coworkers. Maybe it will rub off on them.

12th - Video Game Day

A day for children and adults who love video games to celebrate. Probably by playing more video games. 

13th - 9x13 Day

Is there anything more practical than the 9x13 pan? Celebrate it by using it to create and share a dish today.

22nd - Dear Diary Day

Put your thoughts down on the page and get them out of your head. For first timers and long-term diary keepers.


4th - International Ships-in-Bottles Day

The day for you to build a tiny ship in a glass bottle. Or at least enjoy the work of those who did.

6th - National Noodle Day

Celebrate noodles all shapes and sizes today. 

16th - Dictionary Day

To celebrate the birthday of Noah Webster dust off your dictionary and look up a few words.

30th - Checklist Day

The humble checklist. It helps us remember what’s on the grocery list, organizes our work day, and so much more.


3rd - Cliché Day

Use as many clichés as you can today. What’s the worst that could happen?

20th - Name Your PC Day

People name their cars and plants, so why not their PC? You should name your smartphone so it doesn’t get jealous.

21st - World Hello Day

Get out there, smile, and greet at least ten people today. 

30th - Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

Why waste a sick day in bed? Again, this is a holiday so I am sure your boss will understand.


5th - Bathtub Party Day

Shower after shower after shower. Shake things up with a relaxing bath today.

22nd - Be a Lover of Silence Day 

With all of the other holidays and activities going on, take some time to step back and enjoy the silence and relaxation it brings.

29th - Tick Tock Day

The year is almost over and time is running out. Use this day to finish all of those things you wanted to get done this year.

31st - Make Up Your Mind Day

Did you get stuck on Tick Tock Day, unable to make a decision on what to do? Today is the day to make that choice and stick with it.


There are plenty more holidays out there, but I wanted to get you ready for just some of what 2021 has to offer. If you are interested in preparing for more holidays, take a look Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary by Cherie D. Abbey, America Celebrates: A Patchwork of Weird & Wonderful Holiday Lore by Hennig Cohen and Chase’s Calendar of Events. Or hop online and search for new and unusual holidays for you to celebrate.


Do you have a special holiday you like to celebrate that doesn’t get too much attention? Tell us about it in the comments, and let’s find more ways to celebrate throughout 2021.

- by Christopher Y., Twin Rivers Branch

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