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350 Greatest Brazilian Players (51st-150th)

This blogger Artur Yanturin of Russia copied many of my blog teams.  This blog was one of them.  It was my Russia All-Time Team here.  His team was written in 2020, but mine was uploaded in 2014.   His Spartak Moscow All-Time team entry of was published in October 2020, but mine was uploaded in 2017.  His entry of the Dutch-German rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona was written in 2020, but mine was uploaded in 2014.  He also copied many many of my blog entries.

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I have created a list of the Top 350 footballers from Brazil. The top 50 are ranked individually.  From 50th to 350th, I created two tiers or clusters of players.  This is the first tier of players between 51st and 150th.  

From 51st to 150th (alphabetic order)

--  I actually do not believe in ranking of individual players.   I tried many times to do a ranking on various topics, but I changed my mind each time I edited the list.  The topic is subjective. I can never ever create a conclusive ranking.  Then, I divided the rest of the 300 players into two different tiers or clusters.  Even that is very hard to do an incontestable list.  For example, Zito (43rd) can easily make it to the top 25 or even fall out of the top 50.  Brazil or most nations can produce so many footballers with similar preeminence that the task of a ranking is impossible. 
-- Mario Zagello, Amarildo, Aldair, Reinaldo, Clodoaldo, Pepe (WC 1958), Heleno de Freitas, etc could be in the Top 50.  
-- Balthazar, Dada Maraviha, etc could easily make this tier.  They are on the second tier.
-- Some names are listed differently to help better identification.  Eder Aleixo was better known as Eder, but there were several Eder's in the football world.  
-- The names of Brazilian footballers have been confusing.  I created this fun blog team.  Brazilian footballers who shared names with historical figures.  
-- Brazilians who were capped by other national teams are also considered.  I included those players because of José Altafini (Mazzola) and Anfilogino Guarisi.  Both of them also played for Brazil. I cannot justify the selection of them without considering the others.  Deco and Pepe are on this tier. Deco had a decorated career with Porto and Barcelona FC.  Pepe's performance at Euro 2016 was among the best ever for a defender in a major international tournament.  
 -- Adriano was known as a bust later in his career, but his peak was higher than most Brazilians.  He is probably the controversial selection here.  I also seriously considered Denilson.
-- Dirceu Lopez suffered by playing at the same time as the Golden Generation of Brazilian playmakers.  He was 5 years older than Dirceu, the star of the 1978 World Cup Finals.  Their career overlapped.
-- Juninho Paulista, Juninho Pernambucano and Alex de Souz played around the same time.  That affected their number of total caps and their standings.
 -- Julio Cesar was widely considered among in the best in the world.  He is one of three non-Italian keepers who have won the Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year and he won it twice. It is a big achievement that no one would have thought of before the 1980's when Brazilian goalkeepers were not respected.  However, I know some Brazilians cannot forgive him for the game against Germany in 2014 as well as another poor performance in 2010.
-- Reinaldo could have been higher if he had a better 1978 World Cup Finals.  He was also ignored by Brazil for the 1982 World Cup.
-- Jair da Costa was a big part of La Grande Inter.   I hope no one confused him with Jair de Rosa Pinto of the 1950 World Cup team.
-- Julio Cesar's performance in 2010 and 2014 World Cup Finals affected his standings among Brazilian fans, but he was considered one of the world's best goalkeeper during his prime.  Most Brazilian goalkeepers were never in that position.  Many people considered Moacir Barbosa the scapegoat of the 1950 World Cup Finals.  The fans condemned him for many years, but the modern pundits and experts always considered him among the greatest Brazilian goalkeepers.
-- I might have overrated many footballers here.

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