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MONTHLY 5 - January 2021

New year, old games. And there's a few stonkers here. There's more zany antics in Animaniacs: Splat Ball (1999 SouthPeak Interactive), a fantastic tryst with legend in Arthur's Knight: Tales of Chivalry (1999 Cryo Interactive), a rollercoaster design tool called Coaster (1993 Disney Interactive), an ecological adventure with EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus (1991 Sierra On-Line) and some barbaric fist punches in Savage Warriors (1995 Mindscape Inc). 
Alas, there are no updates. Or a video - yet. A few drunken Zoom parties laid to rest any illusions of punctuality. It's half done, covering all of December too, so expect it in the coming day(s). 
And here it is!!

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