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A Symposium on McCurdy on Cooley's "Constitutional Limitations"

Thomas Cooley (NYPL)
The Sixth Annual Salmon P. Chase Lecture, sponsored by the Georgetown Center for the Constitution and the Supreme Court Historical Society, and accompanying symposium was recently published in the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public PolicyCharles W. McCurdy delivered The Problem of General Constitutional Law: Thomas McIntyre Cooley, Constitutional Limitations, and the Supreme Court of the United States, 1868-1878.  Other contributors to the symposium were Gregory Klass (“Contracts, Constitutions, and Getting the Interpretation-Construction Distinction Right”); Lawrence B. Solum (“Cooley's Constitutional Limitations and Constitutional Originalism”); and Joseph Postell (“The Misunderstood Thomas Cooley: Regulation and Natural Rights from the Founding to the ICC”).

--Dan Ernst

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