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Read Digital Magazines at your Branch

Picture this:  You walk into the library and see that the magazines and newspapers are back on display.  The comfy chairs have returned and you are free to sit and enjoy some quiet time while you catch up on the news, the new Hollywood scandal, or trying to find the perfect recipe for dinner. You go to the shelf but the magazine or newspaper you are looking for is gone, and you see there is another patron already reading it!  Well, you could just wait for them to finish, but you only have an hour to spend in the library!

We have the solution to your problem with our In-house Circulating Periodical Tablets! You can sit in the library and read magazines and newspapers from around the world. Check out a tablet with your library card. Tablets circulate for 1 hour, but can be renewed if you need longer.

The following apps can be found on the tablets with access built in, so no need to sign in:


Flipster offers an easy, browse-able reading experience. Users can browse magazines by category as well as perform searches for specific periodicals. An online newsstand provides a carousel of the most recent issues, as well as a carousel of all issues, allowing for quick access to magazines. The table of contents contains links to articles of interest and hotlinks within magazines are hyperlinked, opening in separate tabs when clicked. In addition, there is an option to zoom in and out for better readability.

The New York Times

We provide unlimited access to The New York Times. Understand the world around you with original reporting from The New York Times. The Times app lets you tap into expert coverage from 1,700 journalists in 160 countries worldwide. From breaking news to opinion, business, tech and the arts, you have unlimited access to groundbreaking reporting, analysis and commentary.

  • Live Briefings bring you moment-by-moment updates on developing stories, from experts in the field.
  • Absorb the facts fast and experience stories in new ways with innovative graphics and data visualizations.
  • Listen to original podcasts, including "The Daily," "The Ezra Klein Show" and "Sway."


PressReader gives you access to 7,000+ of the world's most popular newspapers and magazines on any device. From The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, El Pais and Le Figaro, to Newsweek, Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and People, PressReader delivers full issues of premium newspapers and magazines the moment they hit newsstands. Enjoy news stories and articles from your favorite sources and discover new ones from around the world. Download complete issues and toggle between the original print view and a mobile-friendly text view. Bring articles to life with listening mode and one-touch translation into 18 different languages.

All of these apps are also available for download on your personal device where you can use your library barcode for access! Download Flipster on Google Play or the App Store. Download The New York Times on Google Play or the App Store. Download PressReader on Google Play or the App Store.

-         Amelia, IT Department

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