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Confidence in a Minute book review

Confidence in a minute. This book certainly has the power to give you confidence in a minute. Its strategies really help. Tony Wrighton. You'll discover how to visualize success rather than failure, master body language, prepare effectively rather than exhaustively, harness your nerves, and much more. With Tony Wrighton's help you’ll feel more confident in minutes, not weeks or months. He makes you imagine how it would be when you are confident. There was once when I visualized what would happen when I was more confident, and it worked in reality! I don't think many of you believe in imagination, but I do. Tony Wrighton has also written many another, 'in a minute' books. Be sure to read them too! Coming back to this book, it really could make someone really shy, confident! It has the power to do something, to change who we are. When I first took the book, I was on my feet. I would do whatever Tony Wrighton asked me to do. For example the to-do list. It helps us to plan whatever we do.  I think he should be a very well planned person to follow a to-do list. I did it for a week, and I gave up. To conclude my review, I want to say, that I recommend this book for people who want to try to change and be a little more confident. This book really helped me and I learnt how to visualize and imagine. Imagining always works doesn't it?

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