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Famous Five: Five on Kirrin Island book review


Hmm... How could I ever describe this book? Well, I can tell you that this book is definitely one that not lets you sleep at night without reading the climax of the story. It is wonderful the way the author keeps you engrossed in the tale. Its a must read book .Basically I like the concept of the five going on a vacation and never failing to find an adventure and exploring other worlds. I do recommend this book for other kids as these were my favorite. With all the secret passages and treasure hunts, the book has a real power to keep a child on his study table eager to finish the story.

In comparison to other mystery thrillers it does not hold the "best in lot" title but it does give you a good entertainment. Now let me tell you one thing. This book was so good that I seriously only slept after reading it (sh.. don't tell my parents, they'll kill me). And the main plot of this book is that the five find out that there is someone spying on Uncle Quentin on Kirrin Island. Who is he and how will he be caught? Read this book to find out!

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