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Labuza on Lawyers and Movie Deals after the Studio System

It’s gated but interesting: Peter Labuza has published When a Handshake Meant Something: The Rise of Entertainment Law in Post-Paramount Hollywood in the JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies 60 (Summer 2021): 61-84:

Following the end of the Hollywood studio system, the entertainment lawyer emerged as a new profession, uniting studios and independent producers through a process of contract negotiation that became central to the industry’s operations. After United States v. Paramount, Inc. (1948), attorneys adapted to the needs of the industry by using dealmaking contracts to align the incentives of cautious financiers and ambitious creatives to work together. This article follows attorney Leon Kaplan and his role in negotiating the paradoxical motivations of corporate finance and radical art that defined New Hollywood.

--Dan Ernst

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