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Teixeira, "The Legal History of the European Banking Union"

We missed this December 2020 release from Hart Publishing, but thanks to New Books Network, received word of it recently: The Legal History of the European Banking Union: How European Law Led to the Supranational Integration of the Single Financial Market, by Pedro Gustavo Teixeira (European Central Bank / Institute for Law and Finance of the Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main). A description from the Press:

How was the Banking Union, the most advanced legal and institutional integration in the single market, created? How does European law impact European integration?

To answer these questions, this book provides a sweeping account of the evolution of European law. It identifies five integration periods of the single financial market, intertwined with the development of global finance, from its origins, through its expansion and crisis, to the Banking Union. Each period is defined by innovations to deepen integration, such as the single passport for financial services, soft governance and comitology, agencies, or a single rulebook.

Providing a far-reaching explanation of the legal and institutional rationality of the European Banking Union, this book demonstrates that the Banking Union is not an accident of history or simply the product of the existential crisis of the Monetary Union. It has deep roots in the evolutionary process of European law and its drive towards supranational integration.

More information is available here.

-- Karen Tani

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