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A New Season is Coming! GAC Family & GAC Living launch on September 27th! @GACfamilyTV @GAClivingTV #GACers *SEE HERE:

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY now from the launch of GAC Family and GAC Living! As GAC Media has stated - "for the GAC Family channel simply Search for Great American Country on your current provider, because that becomes #GACfamilyTV on Sept. 27!" Plus, Ride TV becomes GAC Living! See more channel details below.

Bill Abbott, President & CEO of GAC Media, shared his vision for both networks with this message:

“At GAC we’re focused on creating strong brands, compelling programming and a consistent family friendly viewing experience across multiple genres,” said Abbott. “The launch of GAC Family and GAC Living is the next phase in our strategy to bolster the company’s portfolio with networks that deliver on the promise of safe and entertaining storytelling that enriches lives.”

I know I am personally looking forward to seeing what new creations come out of both of these networks. I currently only have the GAC channel, but I'm hoping DirecTV will add GAC Living in the future!

See where you can see these channels below - information provided by Lori Meeker...

GAC Family TV shared this comment on Twitter:

"The rebranding happens on Sept. 27… the programming changes will then roll out over the next month, including movie premieres and the #GreatAmericanChristmas preview special. #StoriesWellTold #GACers"

So... to me that means programming changes will not be immediate, but they are coming!

In the meantime, we can look forward to these NEW MOVIES coming to GAC Family:

... And more to be announced! Stay tuned!

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