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Sherlock Sam and the Fiendish Heist in London book review

This book was lovely. It is really amazing on how much talent the authors, A.J Low and Felicia-Jimenez Low have! I root for you, Singaporeans! Yes, this book is a Singapore based book with a wonderful plot. It kinda starts here in Singapore and goes all the way to UK. Sam, Watson and the Supper Club join hands with the Fiendish Mastermind in a battle of wits against a mysterious and equally masterful enemy. But who is the mystery person? WHO? I f you want spoilers, I can give it right away, just ask me. The book just ends like a cliffhanger, which I really loved. Its something just made for kids up to thirteen. The good and evil, meaning Sam and James team up to find out who the Mysterious a.k.a Hamster, Prata Mastermind is. It's someone, who is better that Sam and James in using his/her brains.

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