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Sherlock Sam and the Mysterious Mastermind in Seoul book review


When we last left our kid detective, Sherlock Sam, he was on a ride on a plane to Seoul to catch the Mysterious Mastermind. You know what guys, I give up. I can't hold it. The mysterious Mastermind is Kim Bok Joo herself! Dun Dun Dun!!!! Yup. You heard that right. It was the smart, but innocent looking girl who was James Mok's very own Minion Two.

Well, in this book, we are on a ride to a very very twisted story of Sherlock Sam! Bok Joo (if that IS her REAL name) gives every member of the Supper club a challenge. The rule was whoever lost must go out of the group with an adult. But really, seriously! I actually think Bok Joo is a sadist because just because of the fact that she was alone, she made everyone split up.

But other than that, I loved the chase, and better still the end. I liked the way the two authors ended the story. They filled up the gaps in our brain. The gaps like, why did Bok Joo give a challenge? Or why did she steal the Lewis Chessman painting? This book is just what you need. Something you cannot put down.

Follow the book all the way to Seoul, and enjoy the mystery, by A.J Low!

Signing off,

Its me, Kavin

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