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WLH 31:2 Bisbee

Western Legal History 31:2, devoted to the Bisbee deportation of 1917, is available online.

Marching from Lowell (LC)
In the early morning hours of July 12, 1917, more than a thousand mine workers and their sympathizers were rounded up at gunpoint by a citizen posse in Bisbee, AZ, and ultimately marched several miles to waiting railroad cattle cars, which carried them into the New Mexico desert, where they were abandoned. This 100-year-old event, referred to as the Bisbee Deportation of 1917, and seminal to the history of Arizona, is the subject of this issue.
The articles are:

The Bisbee Deportation: There Will Be Ore, by Judge Michael D. Hawkins

Governor Hunt, Labor and the Bisbee Deportation, by Paul F. Eckstein and Timothy J. Eckstein

Felix Frankfurther and the Bisbee Deportation, by Jonathan D. Rosenblum

Things I Can Never Forget, by Alice Campbell Juliff 

--Dan Ernst

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