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Aus Post parcel tracking

Hi all, 

Given that there’s been so much delay with the mail over this year or so I am wondering if those who’ve used an Aus Post pre-paid satchel could check  the Aus Post tracker determine if the parcel has been delivered. If not,  we have the opportunity to request Aus Post follow up the whereabouts of the item…but only if the tracking number (see the pink detachable sticker on the satchels) has been kept. 

To that end, please always keep the pink tracking sticker and ask the Post Office to scan the parcel in when it is dropped  it off and please also request a printed tracking receipt. 

I have an Aus Post app on my phone and, scanning the QR code on each satchel using the smart phone camera, all I have to do is type in the name of the recipient and I can track the parcel via my phone.

I’ve love to hear the outcome of these checks and share success tips.   If tracking  assistance needed to chase up the whereabouts of any missing item please let us know or check in with your post office.  Have a super day, Cheers!  Clarissa

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