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Every Last Drop Bringing Clean Water Home by: Michelle Mulder

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This book is about the importance of water conservation. It informs the reader that there is limited drinking water around the world, and for millions of families, finding clean water is a challenge. This book explores the reasons why the world's water source is limited and includes some innovative ways communities around the world are trying to solve the water problem. Overall, this book is highly informative about a very important and relevant topic of water, and the book offers ways children can make a difference.

    This book would be great for 4th-7th graders when learning the water cycle. The pictures are bright and show children and grownups from all over the world drinking, washing, and dealing with everything water. Children would find this book very informative and helpful when learning about water. Plus this can be an interactive reading because there are ways included in the texts for children to help make a difference. 

            I found this book to be an enjoyable read and very fascinating. Since I want to be an elementary teacher, this book is a great resource I can use in the classroom. I would use this book as an introduction when learning about the water cycle, and can build off the reading by creating projects related to water. I personally liked how the book shows people around the world who struggle finding clean water because it puts everything into perspective that we can not waste water.



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