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Grati -Tuesday 26th October 2021

                                  Some wonderfully inspiring and heartwarming letters and emails received.                                                               

                                                           Lovely to read and so motivating! 

                                        I wish I was talented as those of you creative souls! For now, I'm happy to be able to be apart of the happiness and preparing these blogs each week.


Good Morning Anne,

I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you and all the team at Aussie Hero Quilts put into making the quilts and laundry bag for Australian Defence Force members, they are such a morale booster when on operations, and give us a little piece of Australia to take us wherever we go.



Hello Anne,

Firstly, I apologise for the delay in replying to your letter. I have been a little busy this year and only just received your package containing my quilt at the end of August. 

I would like to secondly like to say thank you so much for the quilt you interpreted, designed and created from me from my request description. I appreciate wholeheartedly the time and efforts you took into making it, quote myself "I LOVE IT!".

In response to your question about the white bucket hat, I own a white towel bucket hat that I cherish since the day day I brought it back in 2017 and it has travelled with me everywhere including on Operations. 

A little about myself; I am Registered Nurse in Queensland, and yes, I've been an RN for approximately 9 years. As you've seen recently deployed to the Middle East earlier this year. Unfortunately the quilt did not make it over in time prior to Aust. troops retrograding from country. However, by chance I recently returned to Aust. base in the Middle East Region (MER) and when I went into the Post Office, my quilt was waiting for me. My recent return to the MER was being a part of the Combat Team who deployed back to the Middle East in order to assist with the Evacuation. 

When I opened my parcel I was very excited to see your creation, I love how you've blended all the colours and symbols. I sent the quilt to myself from the MER and look forward to it arriving back in Aust and find a place for it to live, either couch or bed, it's a big decision. 

Once again, Anne thanks to yourself and all of the wonderful team at Aussie Hero Quilts. I, for one, appreciate all the work you all do and to see what creations you all come up with. It's good to see the art of quilt making still alive and kicking. I can only knit myself, but I believe we need to keep these crafts alive.


Dear Jan-Maree, Lynn F and your Mystery Group, Alison and Kerri B,

I want to sincerely thank you for the beautiful quilt you made. We were able to present it to him last Sunday. I am currently writing this "Thank you" as he is in hospital in Victoria, in fact he was admitted two days after the presentation of the quilt. So consequently it was great timing for the presentation and I'm sure it helped him feel so much better knowing you lovely volunteers recognise service men and women and four legged troops and how proud his family are of him.

We were able to organise a zoom conference with his son-in-law, his  his daughters and son-in-laws, and grandchildren. 

He found it very emotional as it all was a surprise - he had no idea about the quilt. 

The precious quilt sits on his recliner in anticipation of his return from hospital; hopefully towards the end of next week. I have included our own citations (from our daughters, son-in-law and myself), which we included in the presentation, just for your interest. 

Secretly, I had planned a more public presentation and local paper was to be in attendance. A previous recipient of one of your beautiful quilts had kindly volunteered to visit and make it an even more special occasion. Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to all that.

Nevertheless, it was a precious time, we will all remember. 

Thank you ladies for making it so special.

Once again, myself and our family, thank you for honouring his service.

Yours Sincerely,


Hello Lisa,

I have received both my beautiful laundry bag and quilt.

Thank you and the quilters SO MUCH I love them.

I am going to write back to the lovely ladies and thank them personally, it was so nice to also receive a letter from both of them.

I'm old school and like to write a letter or blank card to send in the mail.

I will make the time this weekend to pen a few nice words.

You are amazing ladies.

Thank you for all the smiles you put on our faces when we open our parcels.

Kind Regards


Good Afternoon Ellen,

I am one of the lucky Defence Force Personnel to receive a laundry bag. I like to thank you for taking the time for making such a wonderful gift.

I have been in the Navy for over 5 years now and I come from a long line of Defence Personnel.

My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Great Uncle, Uncle, and cousin just to name a few.

My chosen category was Maritime Logistics Support Operations and a part of my training requirement is to become a Ships Medical Emergency Team (SMET).

During my career I have assisted with meetings with all world leaders, participated in the first Indigo Pacific Endeavour Exercise on Board HMAS Adelaide, decommissioned HMAS Newcastle and assisted on COVID ASSIST, and finally had the pleasure to be present on ANZAC Day in 2021, when the first public outing of the first ever Victoria Cross for the Navy was presented with his family members.

I have been posted to HMAS Cerebus, HMAS Penguin, HMAS Kuttabul, HMAS Cairns, Townsville RAAF, HMAS Watson, HMAS Adelaide, HMAS Newcastle.

Thank you again, for your kind gesture.

Kind Regards


Good Afternoon Lyn,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to say thank you for the quilt that you have made for me. I could imagine Tasmania is cold this time of year, once COVID restrictions are up, I do intend on going there for a holiday. The quilt will definitely come handy there as well.

It's really good fishing in the NT, I think it's one of the best spots in all of Australia. I'm originally from Western Australia. It's not the best fishing there, but really good for crabbing. I was talking to an English man a few years ago, he had been living in the same area I'm from for about 50 years if I remember correctly. He taught me a good fishing tip for catching crabs. He taught me to grab a woman's leg stocking, cut the foot off and cut holes into the stocking. 

After cutting holds in the stocking, tie your fishing line (without the tackle) in the middle of the stocking and place bait in it where the knots sits. Once you drop your line, the bait will remain in it's place as it's heavier than the stocking. When crabs eat, they spread their legs, therefore getting caught within the holes of the stocking. I have never forgotten that trick he had taught me.

Again, I wish to express my upmost gratitude and appreciation towards the quilt you have made me and letter you wrote. It had indeed put a smile on my face.

Thank you

I hope to hear back from you


Dear Ruth,

Thank you very much indeed for the laundry bag, incredible design and effort on your part.

Everyone who has seen it is very impressed, as I am, thanks and don't stress on the Aust Post side of things.

Your beautiful quilt get there.

Kind Regards


From the Instagram Page:

A massive shout out and thank you to the volunteers at AHQ for creating this masterpiece. A few months done and more to go, before I touch down on home soil".


Dear Ruth,

I kindly thank you so much for the homemade laundry bag you gave me. I love the animals, especially the magpies!

Your story in my card you have given me is precious. 

Keep up the good work.

I hope you are doing well.


Good Morning Lynn,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful quilt that I received yesterday at work.

Quilts are a fascinating item and are able to be handed down to the next generation.

I will soon be a grandfather for the first time in February which I am very excited to meet the little bean for the first time.

I keep on telling myself I have one more year left of Service to my country which I will look back on with great pride and will also incorporate my career in Nursing that has spanned over 40 years.

It is my intent to retire to NSW where my sister lives and I will have more time to paint and watch my veggies grow.

Thank you so very much for the beautiful quilt that will be cherished for generations to come.

Kindest Regards


Good Afternoon Debra and family,

I hope this finds you well.

I apologise for not getting back to you sooner, it has been really busy over here and today I am replying to all my mail!

I was so happy when it arrived!

Winter time for you but Summer time for me and dear me, I do miss Winter. It's about to hit 50+ in the month of August and our air con has broken down in our warehouse, so it's not fun at all.

I am so grateful for the quilt you have made me.

I am a logistics role over here, sending equipment back to Australia as we are drawing down from the Middle East. Wide range of equipment like computers, sig equipment, vehicles and much more random bits and things, sorry it's kind of hard trying to explain the type of equipment, we deal with on a day to day basis it always changes.

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the quilt. Thank you for all your hard work and well done on making 73 quilts for other Soldiers.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kindest Regards


Good Morning Margaret,

Thank you so much for your two parcels of laundry bags and lovely note. They went like the proverbial 'hot cakes'. We've had in excess of 5,000 bags handed out to Army, Navy and Air Force since COVID began and the big message which touches our members is people in our community thoroughly appreciate the efforts and differences they are making. I've met several of the Aussie Heroes team, gents as well as ladies, and they're all open hearted, generous people. I've been privileged to give out a few quilts to very deserving recipients and have received one myself which I treasure. I've also been given two very special laundry bags.

I moved from the country, where it is mainly dairy farming, but there are some cross breed sheep as well. My daughter-in-law is from the country, so my son drives down there a few times a year. We have our 13th grandchild due later this year, which will be wonderful, but it's hard not being able to see them in person. Hopefully, this Christmas will be a special one for us all.

The chaplains are out there with our troops and always brining encouragement and a friendly face which is an incredible privilege. 

May God continue to bless and keep you fit and well and please, keep sewing.


Dear Bridget,

Thank you very much for the amazing gift I received from you. I can't call the masterpiece of your hands a laundry bag; it is so nice that I am reluctant to put laundry into it. I am included to put my pillow into it and show my friends.

But the main thing is that you really warmed my soul. I also enjoyed reading your letter with a short word picture of your family. 

May God bless you and prosper in all things.

Yours Sincerely.


Dear Rachel and Keryn,

I literally just received the quilt and laundry bag that you both made for me and I absolutely love them!

The quilt is perfect. It captures the Navy, Nursing teddy bear theme I wanted. My 9 year old son saw it and tried to claim it for his own.

The laundry bag is also perfect. My 11 year old loves the pink nurse side. She didn't realise it had other patches on it as well.

Thank you so much for making these. I am truly grateful for your hard work.



Hey Lisa,

Just letting you know my quilt arrived yesterday and I could not be happier. I absolutely love it.

I have replied to Deidre to her personal email in response to her letter and to say a MASSIVE thank you.


Well that's all friends, have a great safe week, wherever you are reading from and keep smiling!

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