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Night Teeth | Netflix 300mb Movie 2021


Night Teeth | Netflix 300mb Movie 2021


         Night Teeth is a 2021 American vampire thriller film led by Adam Randall from a screenplay by Brent Dillon. Stars Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Megan Fox, Lucy Fry, Alfie Allen, Raúl Castillo, and Alexander Ludwig. Released October 20, 2021, by Netflix. The film has received mixed reviews. While the actors and their sequences are praised, criticism is made for the lack of action, and for the film’s prediction.

Benny, a self-employed driver instead of his brother Jay, was hired by friends Blaire and Zoe to drive them to many popular nightclubs in LA. When Benny realizes that his riders are actually vampires who are hundreds of years old, he is quickly attacked by a power struggle between the city's hippopotamuses and must join the girls to survive.

You learn that vampires have lived in peace with humans for centuries, eating only with permission. Victor, a wealthy vampire king who is bored and dissatisfied with his life, plans to disrupt the program by kidnapping Jay's girlfriend, breaking a deal with Boyle Heights; unbeknownst to Benny, Jay is the secret of the people's council accused of maintaining peace between hippos and humans. While Jay and his companions began hunting down all the corpses in LA, Victor made a plan to wipe out the local emperors and seize power while allowing Blaire and Zoe to create as much chaos in the city as possible to disrupt vampire hunters and peacekeepers.

When Benny puts the girls in the hotel, he discovers that the hotel is actually a vampire restaurant and sees what Blaire and Zoe are using him for. The girls threatened his life but grabbed him to get to Jay. During a visit to one of their missions, the girls are caught by vampire hunters, but Benny decides to help them escape and let them hide in his home. Benny then learned that Victor had a brother, who was defeated by a vampire by a hand fight while trying to kill him.

Benny dumps the girls at the last place on their list and finds out that the home belongs to Victor. Blaire begs him to leave, but Benny refuses to leave his brother. Inside the house, Benny finds many human prisoners held by the king as "blood bags" with which he feeds himself, including Jay but is caught by Victor while trying to free him. Victor and Zoe then threatened to kill him, prompting Blaire to turn to Victor and Zoe, after realizing he had feelings for Benny. In the next fight, Zoe stabbed Blaire and in retaliation, Benny remotely used his brother's car, smashed a window, and exposed the sun killing Zoe. Victor then attacked Benny using Jay as a trap and managed to bite Benny before Jay turned him in the sun, killing him. Benny quickly turns into a vampire and the brothers go their separate ways after Jay decides to start training as a professional vampire hunter and tells Benny to expect him to fight him when the city is in turmoil. Later that night, Benny meets Blaire on a blood-sucking evening.


Movie: Night Teeth

Language: English, Hindi

Country:     United States

Rating:        5.7

Duration:   148 m



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