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Out of my Mind - Brad Kreps

Out of my Mind - Sharon M. Draper

 Out of My Mind: Draper, Sharon M.: 8601200543971: Books

Out of my Mind is a dramatic telling of an eleven year old living with cerebral palsy.  Melody has a photographic memory, and can hear colors and smell images when she listens to music.  Melody faces hardship after hardship, starting with her doctor giving her an unfair test that "determines" her to be unfit for school when she was only five.  Melody faces more challenges when she watches her mom run over her younger sister Penny, because her mom wouldn't listen to her when she was having difficulty trying to use her sound board to tell her to stop.

I think this book gives a great understanding to how different people with disabilities live, and gives an inside look as to how they struggle to deal with normal living like everyone else, and it makes it known that even though they have these physical differences, they're still people that think and feel like us just the same.

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