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The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley


    In the book that we have read "The War That Saved My Life" it had a lot of integrity starting with the main character named Ava, who was born with a clubfoot. When growing up in Ada's life she faced hard times due to her mother that would call her names such as a "worthless cripple". One day when an order came across the country mandating children to evacuate from London to the English country, Ada decided to travel with her brother as this would be her calling to try and find a better life to live. This brings her new life into the hands of a women named Susan Smith who saves their life from the streets.  

    Overall I really like this book. The Journey that Ada and her little brother are on seems to be very influential as Ada strives to do the best that she can, when it comes to knowing and living life everyday. It is also most noticeable that Ada uses her moms dreadful thoughts and words to make herself even more motivated to do beyond all things that her mom never thought of her even doing. 

    I would recommend this book to third grade and above. It illustrates the life of a young person growing up and overcoming such obstacles that one may cross. 

Alexis Kuhns

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