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The War That Saved my Life By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

    This book begins and is told in the first person by a little girl named Ada Smith, which she is mentioning what difficult times that she had to go through during World War 2. She also is a 10-year-old girl who has a club foot and is growing up with an abusive mother who believes that she is worthless and sees her for her disability and not who she is, as well as not allowing her to leave the house. As a child she did not realize the other life that she could be living and thought that the one she was living was it. An order came to evacuate the children from London, as they were splitting up chidlren she decided that she would not let her brother go without her and that they would stay together. They both were taken to Ms. Susan Smith, who was very kind and generous to the children. Buying them new clothes, food, as well as getting Ada crutches to help her walk. Ada I feel was mistreated by her mother that when Susan was nice and doing nice things, she did not understand. Ada and Jaime were living the normal child life that they were not able to have before.  

This book is meant for the age group of 9 through 12 year olds, so 4th through 7th grade. I feel that this book is a very touchy subject for most people. It does talk about verbal and physcial abuse that the chidlren have to go through as well as the feeling of neglect. This book can relate to a lot more people than others realize. 

I would recommend reading this book because it allows you to look at a different view of what others are going through as well as the time and setting, as it was taking place during World War 2. Some of the things that I would critique is that some of the material that I was reading was more difficult to understand or read. Overall, a great book to read and to see the difference in the characters lives that they were living! 


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