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The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

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    This book takes place in England just before World War II is about to start. It's about this girl named Ada who has a clubfoot that causes her mother to be ashamed of her. Her mother is so disappointed with her that she abuses Ada and won’t let her leave the house. Since World War II is starting and everyone is fearful Hilter will start bombing London, all children are sent to the countryside. Jamie and Ada left to the countryside together even though their mother told Ada no one would want you. They both stayed with Susan Smith who was the opposite of their mother. Ada was so traumatized from her mother, Susan’s nice behavior was so unfamiliar to her. Susan gave Ada the opportunity to live a normal child's life for once.

    This is a great book for middle school aged kids. Even though the war was terrible, it was the only thing that saved Ada. If it wasn’t for the war to begin she would be stuck inside living with her abusive mother that never loved her. This story was very heartwarming since Ada had to overcome her abuse and learn to accept unconditional love that Susan gave to her. Many kids will enjoy reading this book. Even though it's historical fiction, the characters are well developed making it so believable and making readers not to set the book down. 

    I personally enjoyed reading this book and found it fascinating. I loved the storyline of how Ada had to overcome abuse for something she could not control. When she finally gets an escape from the abusive behaviors she doesn’t accept unconditional love. She believed deep down that she deserved everything she got and love was not one of those things. So the ending was great to see that she does learn to accept unconditional love and that she starts to live a normal life and being able to go outside.


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