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THE YEAR THAT SAVED MY LIFE by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley


The War That Saved My Life is about a little girl named Ada who is 10 years old has spent her life confined to a one-room apartment because her mother, Mam, is ashamed of her twisted clubfoot. Mam is physically and emotionally abusive toward Ada and her brother Jamie, so they escape to a rural village in Kent, where Susan Smith, a single woman living alone, takes them in. Susan provides clothing, food, shelter, and medical care for both children. As England and Germany officially declare war, tension between Ada and Jamie heightens. Jamie wants to return to London, but Ada would rather remain with Susan. 

I would say this book is better off for the higher education students such as high schoolers. I say this because Ada's mother is very cruel and uses choice words that are not very appropriate for the younger viewers. 

By Drew Pitts 

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