ARTisFAIR’ Exhibition Kuala Lumpur


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ARTisFAIR is fashioned on this very premise, to challenge perceptions about art, while creating a new kind of appreciation and ownership. This biggest hybrid art fair in Malaysia aims to build a sustainable ecosystem of art and community within a real global marketplace. 

Opening on November 11 to 28 at Fahrenheit88, ARTisFAIR showcases the voices, ideas, and colours of over 500 artists from Malaysia and Indonesia. The creative realm spans over 2,000 artworks, from paintings to sculptures and unique installations, in over 100,000 square feet of gallery space. The mission: to connect emerging and established artists with emerging collectors, across four levels of exciting, welcoming areas, to spark art appreciation from ground level. Because everyone deserves to have good art in their lives. 

“This immersive art event was born out of a desire to champion creativity and make art accessible to a wider, appreciative audience,” says Andrew Yap, co-creator of ARTisFAIR, who brings his experience in running the World’s Biggest Book Sale, Big Bad Wolf Books, and 14 BookXcess bookstores, to this artistic venture. “By transforming this massive mall space into the largest art exhibition in the region, we’re inviting people of all walks of life to view the brilliance of contemporary art, while giving them the chance to actually own a piece.”


Andrew Yap, co-creator of ARTisFAIR, who brings his experience in running the world’s biggest book sale, Big Bad Wolf Books, and 14 BookXcess bookstores, to this artistic venture.

Bernard Chandran, co-creator of ARTisFAIRand hailed as the 'King of Fashion’, branching out from high fashion to contemporary art.

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