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Cardano Projects For 100X Gains This Year!

We’re going to talk about five Ispos that’s currently active or very close to launching. İso stands for initial staking offering. İt is essentially a fundraising tool to allow crypto projects to raise money to fund their development.

İso is very low risk compared to its counterpart ico initial coin offering. The reason why is instead of buying the token with your hard hard-earned money through an ico to help develop the project.

You’re given an opportunity to delegate your Cardano rewards. The five per cent you would be getting that five per cent instead of you pocketing yourself will be given to the project you want to support.

You don’t have to risk your initial Cardano stack, you’re just risking the rewards you would have been getting.

This is the safest way to support projects without exposing yourself to too much risk because ico if the project ends up being a scam or doesn’t work out. Then, you are gone 100% of your investment.

It’ll be gone, and you won’t be able to recover it through an iso if they do end up being an exit scam, or it just doesn’t work out. Then you can still have your original ada stack in your wallet.


Empowa is the first real defi protocol. Essentially is going to mean that they’re going to introduce defi features into the real world that has a real impact on everyday life.

The primary goal of this project is to focus on bringing affordable housing to people who live in Africa.

There’s a huge problem in Africa with affordable housing, and it’s not because the houses are too expensive. It’s because of the predatory nature of the banking system in Africa.

The current mortgage rate in Africa is as high as 45%. Because of the high mortgage rate, many people can’t afford to purchase a house.

Empowa’s goal is to use defi features to bring financing options to the people of Africa. In addition, their goal is to bring affordable mortgage rates to people.

It also gives us the opportunity who don’t live in Africa to participate in a real estate market by adding liquidity to Empowa’s network.

Currently, the Ispo is live right, and it’s just started on October 7th of this month. You will earn five Empowa tokens per one ada that is staked in their pool.

The Ispo of Empowa will continue until 4 million Empowa tokens are exhausted.

Overall I feel like this project has a lot of potential the real use case is a competitive advantage that many other projects don’t have. This will give us more of an expectation to see what will happen when people try to bridge defi the crypto world to real life.

It will be very interesting, and I feel like many people are trying to see what happens and see what kind of success or failures they will get from this project.

Aada Lending

They’re saying that they are the first lenient protocol powered by Cardano. Essentially this is trying to bring banking features onto the blockchain through defi.

You’ll be able to use standard banking features that will allow you to take loans against your crypto. You’ll be able to collect interest on borrowed assets and lend out your crypto for additional yield.

The cool thing I like about this project is that they offer an erc20 token converter.

It means that it gives you access to the ethereum network by allowing you to convert your erc20 tokens onto the Cardano blockchain onto their protocol.

This will give you more opportunities to play around with Ethereum and Cardano and essentially gives you more opportunities to make some yield.

You’ll also be able to get flash loans under collateralized, which means that if you don’t have an excessive amount of crypto to get a certain amount of dollars.

You’re able to get flash loans, which I feel would have higher interest rates. So İt is based on your situation, and it looks like this protocol will adapt based on what you’re trying to do.

They’ll also be offering you staking opportunities with their native token. Essentially this is where banking meets defi, and this Ispo is still live right now.

There are a lot of projects that are trying to do the same thing .what I look at is to see how big your community is and how fast they’re growing on social media.

Because that’s a good indicator to see how many people are talking about it anticipating their network launch. İt gives you a good idea as to how healthy the project will be when it does launch.


Their Ispo is currently active right now. And I think they’re one of the biggest ispo pools on Cardano currently.

I say this because Meld currently has over 600 million ada steak over one billion dollars delegated to the Meld project.

Meld is one of the bigger banking protocols for defi on Cardano because they’re offering more unique features. One, they’re offering you the opportunity to get your borrowed collateralized loan deposited directly into your account cash.

Another thing is that they’re offering you an opportunity to earn double yield you’re able to earn all the time on the Meld network.

What I mean by this is that you can collateralize your crypto, and then you’re able to gain yield because the collateralized crypto is added into a liquidity pool. So they use your collateral and put it into a liquidity pool.

You’re able to earn additional yield when you try to take a loan against your crypto.

They’re offering you the ability to have wrapped collateralized assets. You can take Bitcoin, wrap it onto the Cardano network, take that equity, collateralize it, and get that loan in cash deposit into your bank account.

They’re trying to offer and make it more seamless with the traditional banking system right by offering that additional support to get deposited your crypto loan into your bank account.


You’re doing something called an FIspo, which stands for fair initial staking offering essentially. It means that there is no allocation to any venture capitalist. Minswap is another defi protocol on Cardano.

This is like a launchpad as well. It does allow you any other projects to launch your Cardano based cryptos onto their launchpad on Minswap.

All training fees are going to go back into the community that is adding liquidity to their network. And all Minswap token holders can vote on any issues in the future that the project faces.


İt is one of the most anticipated dex platforms on the Cardano network. This project has been growing one of the biggest communities on the entire Cardano blockchain.

Over the last four to five months, Sundaeswap has grown their Twitter following over 177.000 people, and their dex platform isn’t even live yet.

That is a strong indicator to show how big of a community Sundaeswap is growing. Because of that, there will be a lot of hype and a lot of anticipation for this project.

We need to remember that the Ispo and the dex platform will be launched at the same time. There’s not going to be an Ispo months before the launch, and the dex platform launch date will be released at the same time.

The launch of this was originally supposed to be mid-October to late October, but it looks like this project will be delayed. So not to worry, I think this project will go live in the next month or December.

We don't have much information about how the iso will work. We don't know which wallets we're supposed to be using.

Most likely, it will be one of the more mainstream wallets on Cardano like Daedalus or yoroi. It just depends on what they're going to say to us as to we can get ready when it does launch for their Ispo.

I've been noticing that Sundaeswap has been trying to secure as many good partnerships on Cardano to help add more liquidity to when they launch later on this year.

They have partnerships that secret that will add millions and millions of dollars of liquidity as soon as it launches. As you know, dex platforms that do not have sufficient liquidity will inevitably fail a lot faster.

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