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Jacqui D's recommendation... Dust off your glad rags and come to the Dinner...

Hey folks, 

Have you bought your tickets for the 10th Anniversary Dinner on 12 March next year? I don't know about you but after having had most of 2020 and 2021 spoilt by COVID I am ready to have some fun and our weekends in Canberra are always great fun. It is easy for me to say that though, so I thought I would ask someone who has attended a number of our dinners to tell you why she keeps coming back.  

Over to you Jacqui D. 

Jacqui D, Heather B and Lesley B

Dust off your glad rags everyone, the Aussie Heroes dinner is getting close....Yeah!!!

We've waited quite a while to celebrate this one so hope to see you all there in March 2022?

I can tell you from experience it's a fabulous weekend. No need to feel alone either, we are all friends  or friends we haven't met yet. All with a common cause.

2019 was an amazing weekend I can tell you. 

On the Friday afternoon we had private tour of the AWM which was really interesting. Then we stayed on for the Last Post ceremony. This is such an emotional event and it was the first time I'd attended one.

Even though we have family in Canberra and we've had many visits there the Last Post had not been on our agenda.

Friday evening was a delight as those that already knew each other caught up and new faces welcomed.

We had lovely speakers some emotional some funny. Then a fabulous trunk show with the very talented Jenny Bowker.  Awesome stories and her fabulous pictorial quilts. Lots of fun and laughter. There is always an interesting quilter/ artist at the Quilters Gathering.

Saturday I went on the bus tour of Canberra quilt shops which was great, we all got a warm welcome and a few discounts too! So lots of rowdy fun and bulging bags of fabric!

The dinner  was at Old Parliament house and was a real treat. 

I was there  for the first time without my son as he was about to be deployed and had courses to complete. While I missed his company I was well looked after by the defence members on my table. Everyone was so friendly and inclusive whether at the table, getting drinks or just generally  wandering about saying hello.

The stories told by serving and ex serving members were sometimes incredibly sad and sometimes funny but we all agree we gain a real insight into what their service means to them, what they do in our name and especially what their treasured laundry bags and quilts mean to them.

I was well taken care of with transport to and from venues too, I don't drive but had many offers from the other volunteers. I thank them for that, you know who you are!

Jan Maree is right when she says this dinner is about us, it is I agree but for me also  its about friendship and love and above all for  the connection to our wonderful troops, each and every one of them.

Those who attend, get it! Those that haven't yet, do come and share the weekend with us, you'll be made to feel most welcome and made to feel special.

 As always I look forward to catching up with friends and meeting more of 'us'

Cheers Jacqui , 

Tickets for the dinner are available here and this year Volunteers have a special price as a thank you for your  contribution. 

Till next time... keep spreading the word and buy your tickets,

Love Jan-Maree xx

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