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Relax Melodies MOD APK 20.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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If you are having trouble falling asleep, Relax Melodies will be the app for you. The application integrates some sounds to help listeners relax like the sounds of nature combined with a little melody. It will help you indulge in a good night’s sleep. Relax Melodies comes to help you say goodbye to insomnia and get a good night’s sleep.

You can customize your music tracks or ones shared by the Relax Melodies community. Also, you can choose your favorite songs from your music store to combine with these sounds to enhance the relaxing experience.

General Information

Relax Melodies is one of a good deal of software to help sleep well that is free to download on the Android system. Relax Melodies will help you regain control of your sleep with all the tools needed to fall asleep like 52 sleeping sounds, white noise, and tunes you can combine to create unlimited ambiances. You will have a five-day meditation program to achieve a certain goal.

There are many modes such as sleep, a little stress and anxiety dreams, deep sleep, and nap. Relax Melodies come with six different frequency brain waves allowing you to achieve a special state of relaxation. Relax Melodies help you sleep, awaken, refresh and improve your life in every aspect.

The application has many types of sounds, such as a river, ocean, wind blowing, showers, birds singing, and campfires. Users can mix unfamiliar sounds and adjust the volume of them to suit personal preferences. Especially, we can adjust the app shutdown time to help save phone battery when we sleep. Many users reported falling asleep from 15 to 20 minutes after launching the app. Relax Melodies is an excellent solution for those suffering from chronic insomnia.

It is an ideal application for those who often have difficulty sleeping or insomnia. According to scientific studies, soft and melodious music will help people fall asleep and fall asleep more easily. Relax Melodies was born for this purpose and it provides a lot of different sound effects and melodies so that users can create their lullaby.

Overall, Relax Melodies is a free sleep aid that provides the best relaxing relaxation music with 46 unfamiliar sounds and is trusted by five million users worldwide. It is the premier application for supporting sleep and personal relaxation on iDevice devices. Insomnia, muscle aches, or muscle tension are a thing of the past with Relax Melodies.

The app has simple manipulation. Users need to custom mix their favorite high-quality sounds from 46 types of music available. Then, randomize to sound perfect relaxation or go to deep sleep. Join five million other users for the ultimate and easiest relaxation experience.

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Key Features

Many young people today often suffer from insomnia because of stress due to work, study, or irregular living habits. Relax Melodies will help you improve this condition, soothing, natural, and familiar sounds will stimulate brain waves to put you to sleep.

Mix the sounds to create your melodies

With the audio mixer, you can create your melody according to your taste, choose background music accompanied by other melodious sounds such as rain falling, wind blowing, and splashing waves.

160 quality sounds and tunes stimulate brain waves

Over 160 gentle sounds and melodies will stimulate brain waves. They put you to sleep quickly and help reduce stress and fatigue.

Timer system for when you go to bed

You can set a timer for the application. The sounds will stop automatically or the application will turn off after your customized time. You just need to close your eyes and relax to fall asleep. Then, the system will do the rest for you.

Save, name, and replay your favorite list

After you set up your tunes, you can give a name to save this mix and add it to your favorites. So, you do not have to waste time customizing it the next night.

Overall Assessments

Relax Melodies is a free sleep aid that provides the best relaxation music tracks with 46 distinct sounds, selected by millions of users worldwide. Relax Melodies are useful in a variety of situations such as exercise, yoga meditation, texting, taking a nap, or even helping your child fall asleep faster. Usage is straightforward. Just mix and customize your favorite high-quality sounds from 46 built-in music, then shuffle to the perfect relaxing sound or go to sleep.

Relax Melodies users will experience personalized melodious relaxation sounds. With just a few simple touches, you can create your own precise and perfect sound. With a choice of ambient sounds and binaural beats, you can relax or put your brain to sleep naturally. This music app also helps babies fall asleep faster.

The application has a rich number of sounds. The interface is friendly with three major cards of Home, Alarm & Timer, and Favorites.

Home: Contains the entire sound repository of Relax Melodies with over 48 types of sounds from flowing water (Waterfall), birds chirping (Birds), to melodious melodies of music famous words (Melodies). Swipe right to see them all and select any sound to enjoy.

Alarm & Timer: Automatically open sound (Alarm) or countdown timer to exit the application (Timer) in case you fall asleep. Click the plus icon in the upper corner. You can use one of three options of Alarm, Timer, and Advanced Timer.

How to use these three features is similar. For example, a person wants to illustrate with Alarm. First, tap Current selection under Sound to select sound. Here, you can use the Use current mix selection option to mix random sounds or use the sounds below. Next, you choose the time to switch between sounds in the Fade in section. Finally, you choose the time (Clock) or time countdown (Countdown) for the alarm process. Finished click Save to save.

Favorite: Add sounds to your favorites. Press the plus button, then put the name in the Enter box of your favorite name. Note that the application does not allow selecting each sound but will automatically remember all heard sounds and automatically add to this list. Click the Save button to save.

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The interface of Ambience is beautiful. The software provides 96 environmental sounds, six ringtones, and six twin shots, and all of them have good sleep aid effects. It also supports creating mixes. We can mix up to 12 sounds at a time. In the relaxed and cheerful music, we believe you can fall asleep quickly.

If you do not know how to mix well, Ambience also provides some different mixes for you to choose from in the collection. We can also add our mixes to our collection. Besides, Ambience also provides reminder and timer functions. We can set the playing time and the software will automatically exit when that happens. It is convenient for us before bedtime.

Final Words

Relax Melodies is a personal relaxation and sleep assistant app for everyone. No more sleep deprivation or insomnia. The sleep you need and want now awaits. Relax Melodies and its diverse features like high-quality white noise sounds, musical melodies, and fully customizable mixes will help users fall asleep quickly.

Users can use this application in other cases such as when exercising, during yoga meditation, while texting, during a nap, or even helping your child fall asleep faster.

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