TED TALKS book review


A gift, a pleasure for anyone ready to want to achieve something, something that can change many people's lives. Something like an idea. Ideas that are meaningful and contribute to the society, to the people around us. This book, everyone, is Ted Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking. Now come on, think. How do the speakers bring the reality upon us? The reality that they know they are going to die but they are smiling? Yes. Sometimes I just wonder how some people know they are going to die but still smile. Sometimes I wonder, why are they happier than us? This book gave me the answer, how the speakers who come to TED inspire the audience, and give them a spark of hope. I have always wanted to be a TED TALKS speaker, but that is not going to happen for now. Sometimes, you may feel as if, you haven't done anything. But mind you, a little twelve year old boy who just thought he did nothing ended up in TED. His name, is Richard Turere. He is a very popular TED speaker and this speaker invented the very spectacular lion lights. I am pretty sure many of you might be wondering, how can a little boy do this? Well, let me tell you, its the thought he had in his mind. The thought to protect his village from lions. This was his ticket to TED. Doing something impactful while having a wonderful idea. This is what this book is about. Every speaker or writer is unique. They have different thoughts. If you are ready to try and create  impact with your ideas, this book, is made for you...



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