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TextNow MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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These days, almost people switch to messaging programs such as Immediate (Instagram), Messenger (Facebook), or WhatsApp. There are a variety of modern texting applications out there that cannot be listed down all here. These apps contribute a lot to create a world association more quickly and professionally. From that, users can make friends all over the world freely and at no cost, making this planet connected and closer. 

Similar to these apps, TextNow also got its starting point in 2009. At that time, it was a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app. It offered you a US phone number, and you used it to text or make calls over Wi-Fi. Nowadays, this service has stayed still, but TextNow mod apk has expanded into an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). It means that the app connects to other cellular networks to offer wireless coverage for all smartphones.

Mentioning TextNow, there are a few things making it outstanding from the other MVNO. For example, it provides you with an unlimited plan being along with the cost that is lower than the money amount you have to pay for the primary carrier. So, what does TextNow offer fitting in your wireless needs? Let’s see the overview of TextNow in the below section.  

What Network Can You Use with TextNow?

At first, as a wireless provider role, TextNow relied mainly on Sprint’s CDMA network. Then, it added the network of GSM-based T-Mobile to its cellular service. However, the cellular just plays a part in TextNow’s story. Similar to 2ndLines and Republic Wireless, TextNow mod apk also uses Wi-Fi when it is possible. By connecting to Wi-Fi, you can make your calls, use data or text. Such the Wi-Fi-centric focus allows the carrier to provide a low monthly price on its plan.

Back to the topic, when you buy a SIM card or a phone from TextNow, you should pick one of the two following versions: GSM or CDMA. These two will tie you to either T-Mobile or Sprint. Typically, the T-Mobile GSM accommodates you with reliable and faster service in most areas regarding LTE network speed. However, this is not a general case; you still need to re-check the coverage maps.

Features of TextNow Mod APK

Totally Free Calling & Texting App in US and Canada

It seems that TextNow features unlimited text and talk mainly in Canada and the US, even with the lowest-cost plan. Besides, TextNow allows you to add more credit to your account by watching ads, completing surveys, or installing apps. This strategy is familiar to those who often find a free way to play mobile games. The amount of credit can range depending on the strategy you choose. For example, if you watch a video lasting 30 seconds, you can earn 2 cents in your account credit.

According to the report, TextNow is the newest program of messaging widget at no cost on the Play Store. This is proven by the number of downloads. To be more specific, there are above 10 million downloads. Furthermore, the number of permanent users is enormous as well. Through this app, you can use your telephone number comfortably in Canada and the United States.

TextNow screen 0 TextNow screen 2 TextNow screen 3

A Quality Application

The app updates your communication procedure with other individuals through new gadgets such as voicemail sending, videos, or class conversation. You can find any features that robust messaging programs today have in TextNow mod apk. For communications using decals, it can deliver an enjoyable experience. You can still express your feelings directly by using emotions. There is no need to meet; your friends even understand what you are feeling at that time.

Accurate User Safety 

In terms of security, you can reassure. In other words, TextNow can give you great assurance by making a protective coating. When you use the app, you have to issue a password. So, all the data is secure, and no one can exploit them. Additionally, before making calls, it will ask for your permission. Usually, the cost for distant calls such as Syria or Afghanistan is less than $0.01 for one second. But, when you spend any cash, your grade will be higher. If small money can offer you a quick, robust, and secure connection, why don’t you try it?

The Performance of Network, Coverage, And Service

There is a test with TextNow Wireless with Samsung Galaxy S5, which provides a carrier on the 2GB plan. The app management enables you to look at your plan. You can keep track of the remaining data, or you can increase your data when hitting your limit. Besides, you can access the call history, the messenger, the dialer, or the contact search. 

When connecting to Wi-Fi, there is no issue with making calls. They have excellent sound quality, and they are mostly stable. There are just some noticeable pops at the end. However, when you go out of the Wi-Fi range, you will have trouble. As the TextNow defaults to make VoIP calls through the Sprint’s data network, it may come back to traditional cellular calling when the quality is insufficiently good. In general, the quality of VoIP calls over Sprint’s network is relatively poor.

There will be repeated skips breaking up your words, which makes it difficult for interlocutors to understand what you are saying on the other side. The outgoing calls are also good, but the Amtrak’s automated voice recognition system may go through an issue. In some cases, this system may mistake your commands. This is not the phone’s fault as the Galaxy S5 is noted with good noise cancellation and excellent voice quality.

On the other hand, this app will not switch into the cellular network automatically. The similarity also happens with Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi connection is poor, the app never chooses to use cellular. So, if you use TextNow in a place whose Sprint data connection is wobbly, this is truly a hassle.

TextNow Interface

Generally, the interface of TextNow is straightforward to use. The main screen holds all your conversations. There is a pencil icon in your right-hand in the lower corner, and you use it to compose new texts. Still in your right-hand, but in the upper corner, the keypad signifies for making calls. It is extremely simple, right? And when texting, you can use additional features such as emojis or stickers. 

Additionally, the floating chat feature is a kind of reminder, helping you not miss any calls. In particular, when there are texts or calls, the floating circle will appear right at the home screen of your phone. But, in case you find it distracting, you can switch off this feature. Otherwise, if you do not want anyone to read your messages, you can secure them by a passcode.

Overall, the interface of TextNow is well optimized. You will find it more comfortable than other messaging applications. It will not waste your time to explore its features. You just spend a little time to handle all of the characteristics.

TextNow screen 1 TextNow screen 4 TextNow screen 5

Some Challenging of TextNow Mod Apk

TextNow might get high scores in terms of pricing, customer service, or ease of use; it still has trouble with MVNO upstart. As mentioned above, the carrier will launch on the hybrid model using the Wi-Fi to connect texts and calls. When it is unavailable, the cellular signal will be used instead. However, the Wi-Fi TextNow uses sometimes is insufficient, and it forces you to disable Wi-Fi to use cellular on your mobile phone. This is the most hassle feature that many customers are not content with.

Regarding free calling and texting features, it is just free for those who are in Canada and the US. Any calling outside these two countries will have a rate start at $.10 per minute. Of course, if you do not pay more fees, you will earn credits by completing offers and watching ads. But it is a little bit annoying, right? Especially, making a call requires many credits, so how many ads do you have to watch?

Finally, many users report about the substandard voice connections with delays in audio or dropped calls. These issues often happen on traditional carriers, but the TextNow has a higher rate of this incidence.

Overall Evaluation of TextNow Mod Apk


  • Free SIM card
  • Unlimited texting and calling to Canada and the United States
  • User-friendly app
  • Extremely affordable plans
  • Straightforward and simple interface
  • Free choice via Wi-Fi to save money
  • Sync with Google account (if users want)


  • Expensive to get more data
  • Have to force the cellular network sometimes
  • The quality of voice is not always good
  • Frequent phone numbers reset
  • Loads slowly
  • App lags sometimes


How Can I Pay?

As TextNow is a subscription service, there will be no credit checks or plan contracts. You simply choose a monthly plan before giving your credit card to the company. Then, the company automatically allows you to renew the subscription per month. 

If you do not have the credit card, you can use prepaid credit or debit card to sign up. But you have to reload the card. If not, they will cancel your subscription owing to a shortage of funds for billing. When you want to switch the carrier, you first cancel your subscription. Then, they will not charge your card on the following billing cycle.

Could I Still Use My Existing Mobile Phone?

You can use Virgin Mobile, Boost device, or Sprint with TextNow. Besides, you can buy a SIM card if your phone is compatible with CDMA or GSM. However, it is recommended to use TextNow’s phone if you want the audio quality to be better. Those phones from TextNow are programmed to use specifically the data network or the cellular network for calls. But most importantly, the other phone outside TextNow stores do not have free unlimited 2G.

Why Can TextNow Provide A Cheap Plan?

As you can see, the prices of TextNow are meager. Actually, this app is not entirely beholden as a large carrier’s cellular network service. That is why the plans of TextNow is the least expensive these days. In comparison with other MVNO competitors, this seems to be an excellent solution for those who do not use lots of data.

Is There Any Detailed Feedback About TextNow?

The reviews of TextNow from customers are relatively good. The score for Google Play is 4.4 out of 5, while that for iOS App Store is 4 out of 5. There is also much praise for the performance of service. Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau grades TextNow with an A+. These statistics are utterly impressive, right? 

The most common issue in terms of the service center is in the advertisements. And this issue just concerns those who use the free app. And one complaint about the delay on calls. In brief, all users enjoy competitive pricing. 

How Much Data Will TextNow Use?

Honestly, it will depend on the frequency you use it. Typically, a call will use around 0.3 MB of data per minute. Hundreds of text messages will use about 1 MB. Based on these numbers, you can compare them to the unlimited data plans and check what you could afford.

Is TextNow Safe to Users’ Privacy?

Yes, of course. There are thousands of app downloads, and the app is reputable. Besides, the company has a partnership with Sprint, which is reliable cooperation. 

Bottom Lines

TextNow Mod APK gains more reliability on users since it was released. It has added the GSM service, which brings you a massive amount of data. Besides, there are some unique features that TextNow can offer, such as earning more credit by watching ads or completing surveys. This is an attractive strategy for those who want their cellular bill to be the absolute minimum. Although the issue of switching from Wi-Fi to the cellular network still leaves to be desired, TextNow Mod APK already offers significant value for users prioritizing texting and callings with high-speed data needs. 

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