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The Deepest Breath by Meg Grehan

The Deepest Breath by Meg Grehan is a book about eleven-year-old Stevie. Stevie is having feelings that she has never felt before, about another girl. Stevie is a girl who wants to know anything and everything. Throughout the book, Stevie is reading books about the ocean and all of the creatures in the ocean. She is reading this because she is afraid of the ocean and its creatures, and she thinks that if she knows everything about the ocean and its creatures, then she will no longer be scared. 

However, Stevie doesn’t know how to ask or find information about how she is feeling about the girl, Chloe. When she asks her mother questions, her mother typically helps Stevie understand. When Stevie asks about why she is feeling this way, her mother does not answer, which leaves Stevie even more confused about her feelings. Throughout the book, the reader experiences Stevie’s anxieties about life and feelings as she tries to understand what she is feeling about Chloe. 

               This book is a fiction book that is written in verse. This is intended for 10 year-olds to 12 year-olds. There are no illustrations throughout the book, other than the cover.  Personally, I was not sure how I was going to feel about the book being written in verse when I first started reading. However, the book is written in verse made it a very easy and quick read. It also was a great way for the author to be able to change how the reader is reading the sections, or express feelings using the verses. I would use this book for 6-8th grade students as an individual reading book available in the classroom. I think it could help a lot of students understand what they are feeling, and show them that they are not alone. 


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