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The Deepest Breath by Meg Grehan

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    This book is about an eleven-year-old girl named Stevie. She lives with her mom and is best friends with a boy named Andrew. Her mom jokingly always says how Stevie and Andrew will one day get married. Stevie is very intelligent and knows about a lot of things, but some things she still doesn’t understand. For example, she doesn’t understand why she gets a fizzy feeling on the inside when she is around this girl at school. Stevie needs to understand if girls can like girls, so she looks for the answer in a book. The help of the Librarian introducing Stevie to books of girls loving girls, helped Stevie to gain the courage to share the truth with her mom.

    This book does a great job of demonstrating pre-teens’ feelings towards love. This book can also help many young girls and boys as they get older and discover what love means to them. This story can be relatable for many kids who are scared to come out. Stevie was scared to come out to her mother especially since she would always say Stevie will end up marrying Andrew. However, she gains the courage to tell her mom which will inspire other readers who are in the same situation to gain the courage to come out as well.

    I would recommend this book to middle schoolers because the topic is mainly targeted to young teens and they may find this book helpful. The book was a very fast and easy read due to the book being written in accessible verses and in a reassuring style. Not only is this book helpful for young girls learning it’s okay to like other girls, but it’s for young readers who want to understand how people's emotion affect their lives with an open mind. Overall, this book covered a relavent topic that many young readers would find enjoyable, plus this book brings out diversity for underrepresented readers to be able to relate and see themselves in the book. 


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