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The Deepest Breath By MEG GREHAN

This book is called "The Deepest Breath" which is a story that is all about an 11-year-old girl who is named Stevie. She is a very smart girl who loves to learn about different facts, especially if they have to with reading or the ocean. She just has a lot of questions about different things that she does not understand, which is why she likes to learn about different facts. One thing that Stevie does not understand would be why she gets a different feeling when she is with her friend Chloe. She is very confused and does not really know what that feeling is exactly. She is very shy about this and does not want to openly talk about it, so she goes to something that she is familiar with, which is books. She does research about girls loving girls and eventually builds the courage to talk to her mom about it. 

This is a fictional story that I would believe to be appropriate for teens and adults if they wanted to read it. As mentioned, a lot of kids are going through puberty and they and their bodies are changing. This book definitely gave a different perspective because I normally do not read these different kinds of books, but they could give another person a different perspective that they can appreciate. This book was different in the way that it presented itself, by not having the normal pages, so it was a quick read. But, one that I would recommend to others. 


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