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The Deepest Breath- Meg Grehan

 November 3, 2021

The Deepest Breath

By Meg Grehan

The Deepest Breath

    The Deepest Breath is a fictional story about an eleven year old girl, Stevie, who loves reading and sea creatures. Stevie's best friend is named Andrew. Stevie's mother often jokes and teases her that someday Stevie and Andrew will get married, but Stevie knows deep down that will never happen. At school, there is a girl named Chloe that Stevie is interested in. Chloe is someone that she likes a lot more than Andrew. Stevie has such strong feelings for Chloe that she begins to confuse herself and her feelings towards her. Stevie becomes curious and wants to know if it is appropriate for girls to like girls, love them even. Stevie is really shy and does not want to talk about this feeling out loud. With the help of a Librarian, Stevie is able to research and find different novels about girls loving girls, and eventually builds up the courage to tell her mom about her feelings towards Chloe. 

    I think this story is appropriate for teens and young adults. At this stage, everyone is going through puppetry. They are learning more about themselves and their own bodies. They start to develop feelings for other people and going on dates. I think this is a great story for students who have not truly discovered who they are yet. This is a great read for young girls who are starting to realize that they are attracted to other girls. Stevie's story will help them understand that they are not alone, there are many girls like Stevie who share the same emotions. This story is a great read for anyone with an open mind who wants to understand how people's emotions and feelings towards an individual can affect their lives. 

Mikayla Price

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