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The Deepest Breathe by Meg Grehan


In this book called "The Deepest Breathe" it tells a lot about an 11 year old girl named Stevie. Yes, Stevie. She got this name from her mother, who decided to stick with it after she found out she was actually having a girl and not a boy. One day Stevie is outside with her friend Chloe, when all of a sudden Chloe gets hurt. Chloe grabs Stevie's hand because of this and Stevie gets feelings that she has never felt before. 

She wonders if this feeling is normal or not and goes to the library to seek help and reads some books that refer to liking the same gender. The librarian helps her understand and she gains the strength to go to her mom and tell her how she is feeling about all of this in her life. In the end of all of this it is that you must face your fears because it is our connections with others that will make us stronger. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to middle schoolers as it mentions kids that are changing throughout their puberty years. This book was interesting and fun to read as it doesn't have your normal pages of reading and it speaks from life that most people need information on when growing up young. 

Alexis Kuhns

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