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Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Projects For 100x

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he doesn’t even want the company to be known as a social media company rather a Metaverse company with that being said, I think the Metaverse is going to be huge in particular in the crypto in gaming in nft space.

It’s interesting to see that Mark Zuckerberg is actually talking about changing the name of his company to be more engaged and in line with being a Metaverse company.

So this just came out of nowhere. I was already interested in crypto gaming in the Metaverse.

It is really good for the Cryptoverse Metaverse. Because that hype will bleed into crypto and crypto gaming, there will probably be facebook partnerships with crypto gaming companies.

So today, we’re going to look at three cryptos that I think are undervalued and relatively under the radar, not trading on a lot of the big major exchanges. So I think I can see dramatic price increases, especially if they start trading on the major exchanges.

Star Atlas

This is one of the best looking games that I’ve seen so far as far as the trailer graphics right. We haven’t really seen a lot of gameplay, but as far as the previews and the trailers that we’re seeing.

It’s built on the unreal five engines, and it has a market cap which is pretty low at about 184 million.

Looking at the price action on the chart for Star Atlas. İt did have a nice big run-up, and then it cut it this nice big rundown of which I started buying in down 0.68 usd and then I re-bought the dip down 0.08 usd.

So I still think this has a lot of upside potential to return and retest these previous highs. And even higher on Star Atlas, so I do like this because it is depressed price action.

I make love that Star Atlas is on a dip because this is a perfect time to buy it before it sees a huge run potentially. Especially if the Metaverse coins all make a run together.

How would you actually buy it?

This is trading on ftx. That’s the only major exchange it’s trading on. But if you want to buy it on a decentralized defi exchange, you can use and deposit Solana and then swap your Solana for usdc and then swap your usdc four Star Atlas.

I use phantomwallet and to purchase. That’s how I got in because I don’t have an FTX account.

Website for Star Atlas

Just looking at the trailer, this is one of the most appealing things that I’ve seen based on the quality that we can see here. This is definitely the best graphics that I’ve seen on any Metaverse game.

And basically, what this trailer goes into saying is that there’s a diamond the size of the planet somewhere lost in this Metaverse of the ecosystem of Star Atlas.

If we look at the home and the leaderboards, you see the Mud territory, the Oni region as well as the Ustur sector.

So I chose mud. You can see there’s 597 million usdc and assets that have been purchased so far, 927 million in assets in the oni sector and then 333 million in assets, basically, nfts or collectables that you can buy in the actual marketplace.

I haven’t seen any actual games released yet a lot of this is just all speculation. But I do like Star Atlas. The epic rank is worth 8.200.00 usd as of right now.

I do think iStar Atlas is pretty way under the radar as far as the Metaverse games go, as well as it looks one of the best that I’ve seen so far.


This is a VR game built inside of a Metaverse which is interesting because VR sounds like a cool thing, but it’s not something that’s gone mainstream and not something that many people have used. I’ve never done VR in my entire life.

Looking at how this works, you watch the trailer and some examples of how a network is. It seems cool and has a really low market cap of just 65 million.

And it fully diluted 216 million. So the liquidity is low on the network, but if we look at the chart right here.

This recently just debuted on kucoin. It’s been trading for a while and like pancakeswap and other things, but I just actually purchased here 2.15 usd.

I’m looking at this descending wedge to break out to retest these highs at 2.68 usd potentially. These are my targets 3.63 usd and then again at 4.20 USD, and I think that this has the potential to make a massive run-up.

One of the coolest things is that this is a VR ecosystem where you can purchase land, purchase other things you want, and you can make your land.

Once you have your land, you can do whatever you want with built-in tools to drag and drop your buildings or custom create the land within this VR ecosystem.

You’re creating your land and customizing everything the way you want. As well, this is a play-to-earn game. So you can earn the tokens within the game.

In the Metaverse, the idea of how big this could be is pretty ridiculous. We have our real estate in the real world. We have cars in the real world. This is the Metaverse.

Everyone’s going to have a Metaverse account in some way, shape or form. Whether it be the Sandbox game Decentraland, Netvrk it’s going to be the future.

Facebook is rebranding their entire company to a Metaverse company from social media, which is a good idea because nobody uses it for social media anymore.

So overall, I think Netvrk is cool and the fact that it’s VR. I think that’s edgy. I also think it’s risky because VR requires everyone out of a VR headset, so I think that limits the number of people who would do it.

But overall, I do think it’s cool to buy assets, land, and ad space, right. So you can sell your ad space in here as well as generate nfts as well as staking. So that’s Netvrk.

Wilder World

Its current market cap of 182 million on Wilder world. They’re retro Miami, they got unique lines of 5d Metaverse.

This is also built on an unreal engine, I believe. So you can join your guild you can buy Wilder wheels which is cool. If you look at their Twitter, I recommend following their Twitter account.

You can see the Wilder wheels that they have going on. It feels like Miami vice. So I want to reach out to them be like yo give me a car.

Then I’ll tweet about putting money into Metaverse is a good idea over anything else right now, and I think it’s going to be huge, so I’m just looking at projects that have good marketing that look visually cool.

Because right now, everything is speculation, so it’s just a lot about what looks the best. Because we don’t know what’s going to be the best because none of this is even out to play yet.

Wilder world, I think the marketing and the visual graphics do look like some of the coolest.

So those are the three top plays that I’m invested in personally right now, as well as Wilder world Star Atlas also looks insane and Netvrk.

I don’t know what I would technically be playing because I don’t even own a VR headset, but I would love to try VR. Unfortunately, I’ve never done it.

In my opinion, as of right now, if you have any more Metaverse gaming plays that I have not mentioned here, I would love to research more about that because I do want to keep dumping more and more money into the Metaverse gaming opportunities. So what’s your favourite one?


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