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Top Seven Moments That Make Being A Yankee Fan Kinda Suck

Happy New Year! 

Before I start, I need to take care of some business...

Woke up this AM with two more for the “Yankee Bathroom Experience”   

Add great radio moments.  Flush and hear…  

“Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”  

And of course…  “It is High. It is Far. It is Gone!”


I’ve been reading a lot of year end Top Ten Lists and it got me to thinking… What do we consider the Top Yankee Moments of 2021?  But here’s the thing… It seems like every Top Moment was associated with disaster that nullified it.

So, here are my Top Seven Moments That Make Being A Yankee Fan Kinda Suck.

1) The Field of Dreams Game

Marketing bullshit or not it was so, so cool to see them come out of the cornfield.

They lost.

2)  The 13 Game Winning Streak

For two weeks it really looked like we had the best team in baseball. 

The losing streak that followed.


Only possible because El Chapo put the first two guys on.

4) Kluber’s No-Hitter

Then his arm fell off.

5)  Yanks Get Rizzo!

A real first baseman. A gamer.  I loved what he brought to the team. Unfortunately, that included Covid. Dickhead was “still doing research”

6) Yanks demote Heaney!

Yes, this was a top moment for me!  Of course, the Yanks acquired Heaney first.  

7) Yankees Lose Play In Game To Red Sox!

This one is kind of weird, but any reader of this blog knows there was a part of us that was happy because it meant they HAD to get rid of Boone right? Right? I mean his contract was up. There was no reason to keep this inferior game tactician. This mealy mouth namby pamby uninspiring poor excuse for a manager. We were eliminated by the Red Sox! Blown out! Good!

He was re-signed for three years.


That’s it. Please add any that I’ve missed and again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Reading this site with all its contributors and commenters is really one of the great joys in my day.  This has been such a weird couple of years and having a place to park my mind, even for a few minutes has really made a difference in my day.  Thank you all.

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