With the Giants and Jets "Tankathons" in full bloom, can't MLB find a way to avoid rewarding teams for losing?

Yesterday, I watched the NY "Football" Giants phone in one of their most dismal performances since the days of Rocky Thompson and Vernon Vanoy. They lost 34-10 to Philadelphia, though the score is misleading. If the Eagles could catch a football, it would have been 48-3.  

The Giants are now 4-11, and I curse each of their four threadbare victories. They cost us not only a higher draft position, but they apparently ensure another season of a coaching staff that, around this time next December, will be getting canned. Actually, though, I don't blame the players, coach or even the water boy. It's the owners - John Mara and Steve Tisch - for whom the phrase "nepotistic rich pissants" just isn't enough. The Giants' horror show is so bad, so top-down, that I now refuse to watch movies with Rooney or Kate Mara. I see their faces and want to yell, "FIRE GETTLEMAN, YOU CONNECTICUT TRAMP!"

The worst part of fanhood is having to root against your team, because it's the only way to find hope. 

With the Giants, tanking is a Christmas tradition. Four games into 2021-22, fans read the handwriting. Now, with two games left, there is no reason to win. None. Thus, I can guarantee the Giants will win their final games. Management will claim it gives "momentum" into next year. What a crock. 

According to the internet, the next MLB players union agreement will include the establishment of a draft lottery, similar to the NBA's. Long ago, pro basketball recognized the rampant willingness of franchises to "tank,"-so it imposed a lottery on the draft. It's sad that baseball needs one, but at least its honest. At least MLB will be quietly acknowledging how corrupt its system has become.

I have a plan to end the Tankathons: Postseason playoffs for the bottom eight. 

Let the teams with the worst records face off in best-of-seven series (no days off.) Winners get to go home. The losers must continually play. And the worst of the worst has to tour Afghanistan, Burma and the Middle East. 

Don't reward shitty franchises. The Tankathon World Series.

May the worst team lose!

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