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Fellow Latch Key Kids...

We’re a couple of weeks into this lockout and instead of all kinds of rumors and baseball news being served up by Mom at the Hot Stove we are forced to fend for ourselves.   

It isn’t easy. Last night I watched the 1961 World Series courtesy of MLB Films. I saw Yogi Berra misplay several balls in Left Field and Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson collide, some nice Nettles like fielding from Clete Boyer, and a Roger Maris home run but ultimately it was…meh. Maybe because I knew the outcome.

I tried watching a Los Gigantes game on MLB.TV but my SAP setting didn’t go from Spanish to English, and I kept having flashbacks to siting alone in my room watching “Canal cincuenta y siete, Casa De Lucha Libre Todo Del Mundo.”  And while Banco Popular is probably still “right on the money” it didn’t satisfy either.

Normally I can bring my attention to other sports, but the New York Football Giants are in the midst of an implosion the likes of which I have never seen. Last week’s game was over in under 30 seconds. So, no relief there. The Knicks, who got me through last year’s pandemic winter are again, pretty much unwatchable, and while I enjoyed the final 10 minutes of the NYC Football Club’s championship, it was soccer.  

I suppose I can make it to the Winter Olympics because who doesn't love watching skaters going around in circles in front of an empty arena? 

Truth is, I’m running out of places to park my brain. One can only read so many books or doom scroll for so long.  Any suggestions?

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