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It's degrading and embarrassing to speculate on the Yankees will do, and I will not take part

This morning, I planned to do a critical treatise on the human face of Newton's Law of Motion - (An object at rest tends to stay at rest...) - Luis Severino - aka "Setback Sevy." He'll turn 28 in February. Did you know he's pitched 18 innings since 2018? Last season, over four games, he threw six scoreless innings. 

So... let's write him in as a bulwark to the 2022 rotation! Why, if Sevy can... 

Nah. I can't do this. 

I can't blather on about some ridiculous rumored trade, or a free-agent signing that will not happen, or another prospect who will never see a Yankee uniform.

Nope. Can't do it. I feel like a circus monkey. The MLB propaganda machine ejaculates some minor news tidbit, and fan websites jump all over it, as if we're supposed to care? We're in a greed-induced lockout, and I will not participate.

We sit in the shadows of the worst pandemic surge in our lifetimes - (think about it: that's actually a hopeful statement) -and the one subject that might have provided a comforting diversion - baseball's hot stove league - has been ripped from us. 

For that, I blame the Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? Is there anyone else who deserves more criticism? Joe Biden? Anyone? 

So, this week, we learn that MLB has fired Ken Rosenthal - a longtime, dutiful, serviceable Gammonite - because he had the nerve to criticize Manfred. Good grief, Manfred should not be able to walk the streets without fans yelling at him to get off his pasty white ass and settle this lockout... and they're canning voices of dissent?

Of course, let's remind ourselves that anybody who works for MLB - no matter how many years they once claimed as an "independent journalist" - cannot be considered an honest voice. I appreciate that they're feeding their families. But they cannot say what we lowly fan bloggers - supposedly the dregs of the sports industry machine - must continually scream:


Rather than doom-scroll about the pandemic, or Jan. 6, or the latest catastrophe, we should be arguing about some absurd Yankee trade. Instead, there is nothing. NOTHING.

Do not buy into their smoke and mirrors. 

Here's what the record must say: 

When we needed them the most, they let us down. And we will not forget.

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