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Yanks shatter glass ceiling in Low Single A

You've come a long way, Yankees.

Stung from the indignity of losing their new hitting coach to the Mets, the Death Barge this weekend made a bit of history: 

It named 34-year-old Rachel Balkovec, a hitting instructor last year, to manage the Yankees' low single A league team in Tampa. 

She's the first woman to run a minor league affiliate. Last year, Balkovec's work with well-hyped bonus baby Jasson Dominiquez drew praise from colleagues.

Cheers to the Yankees for making this move, though we cannot dismiss the suspicion that it's a diversion - a feelgood moment to distract us from this loathsome lockout, which has now claimed Betty White, Sidney Poitier and Bob Saget. 

Obviously, this hiring seems the stuff of a Disney movie, where the greedy owner secretly seeks to destroy his franchise by hiring a beautiful, ditzy manager who clearly knows nothing about the game. But then her womanly instincts rise to the occasion, and after a series of setbacks, her team of lovable misfits wins the Florida State League pennant! Somebody, quick... get me Reese Witherspoon!  

Fortunately, Balkovec won't be judged by wins and losses - the greedy owner doesn't give a hickey about winning a single A pennant. But here's a thought: Her presence might just a positive impact on some 19- and 20-year-olds, in whom it's probably not a bad idea to instill respect for women.  

 I predict she does a great job, until the Mets steal her.

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