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15 Energy Stocks Analysts Love the Most

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There are more than 450 energy companies traded on public markets. Given the sheer number of pipeline companies, power plant operators, oil and gas production companies, and other energy stocks, it can be hard to identify which energy companies will outperform the market.

Fortunately, Wall Street's brightest minds have already done this for us. Every year, analysts issue approximately 8,000 distinct recommendations for energy companies. Analysts don't always get their "buy" ratings right, but it's worth taking a hard look when several analysts from different brokerages and research firms are giving "strong-buy" and "buy" ratings to the same energy stock.

We've created a report that details the 15 energy companies that Wall Street's top-rated equities research analysts universally adore. If you're looking to buy an energy stock anytime in the next few months, chances are the company that you should buy is on the list.

Review the Top Energy Stocks (Updated)

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