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"There's a reason the public's confidence in the FBI has plummeted"


That's according to Tucker Carlson, who analyzes the FBI's misdeeds and malfeasance in some depth.  I highly recommend watching the video in full if you can;  if you don't have time for that, a partial transcript follows.

And here's an excerpt from a partial transcript at Fox News.

According to Merrick Garland, the onus is on American citizens to respect the FBI. "Obey, it's your duty." But of course, that's not true. In a democracy, the onus is on the FBI to earn the respect of Americans. They work for you, remember? And lately they have not been doing a very good job and people know that they haven't been.

The public's confidence in the FBI has plummeted by double digits in just the last few years and unfortunately, there's a reason for that and it's a huge problem ... the people who are supposed to be overseeing the FBI have ignored egregious examples of corruption over many years, but they're getting very hard to ignore because they're just so obvious now and it's not just the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Consider the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case. You may remember that story. It's from the fall of 2020. You may even have followed it a little bit and heard how it ended. So, what seemed like a terrorism plot was, in fact, a setup by the government to make a group of ordinary people in Michigan look like terrifying right-wing extremists, those violent White nationalists Joe Biden is always mumbling about.

Well, turns out there aren't enough of those people in real life. They're pretty rare, actually. It's not a very racist country, despite what they tell you. So, the Justice Department had to go create some and they did and that's not just our opinion. That was the finding of a federal jury in Michigan. So, it's a shocking story, really, but the details of that story are even worse than that. They are beyond belief ... we have testimony and cross-examination that reveals what actually happened, how the FBI engineered this plot.

. . .

Well, after all of this failed to produce a kidnapping plot, it fell on yet another FBI agent called Richard Trask to build the criminal case against the defendants. Now, that same year, Trask, who is now been convicted of beating his wife, called Donald Trump a piece of excrement on social media. Really? Yeah. Just nonpartisan federal bureaucrats, public servants doing their job. Now, incredibly, after all of this, the person in charge of the field office overseeing the Whitmer investigation in 2020, a man called Steven D'antuono, was promoted, not fired, promoted to lead the DC field office in late 2020. Are you connecting the dots here?

In other words, the guy who made sure that FBI informants were active during a rally in the Michigan State House in 2020 as part of this concocted plot. That same guy went on to become the guy who oversaw the investigation into—wait for it—January 6, the election justice protest they're calling an insurrection. But just remember, don't ask whether the FBI used informants to entrap anyone on January 6. No, you can't do that or else you're an insurrectionist yourself. Nor are you allowed to ask why Steven's agents were involved in the raid on Mar-a-Lago, even though that's in Florida, and he's in Washington. As it turns out, questions like this are hate speech.

. . .

And why is the FBI still hiding footage critically of the person who planted a pipe bomb outside the DNC on January 6 while Kamala Harris was apparently inside, something that she lied about for months? What exactly is going on here? We're, of course, not alleging anything. We don't know the answer, but we know for a fact, given the FBI's behavior and we report this with great sadness over the last several years, it is worth getting to the bottom of this ... So, what exactly happened outside the DNC on January 6, and why is no one asking that question, and why has the Department of Justice not told us? We've heard everything they want us to know about January 6. Why not more about this?

There's much more at the link.

Late last year I published an article titled "The FBI can no longer be trusted in any way, shape or form".  I've seen nothing since then to make me change my mind - and I'm truly sorry about that.  This country is poorer for it.

Furthermore, following the raid on President Trump's residence, I published another article titled "An open letter to FBI agents and all Federal law enforcement personnel".  I stand by what I said there, too.  The FBI, by its persistent bias, egregious malfeasance and wholesale misconduct, is ensuring that we're perilously close to Civil War 2.0.  If that breaks out, the FBI will bear a major share of the blame for it.  However, I have little doubt it'll ensure it's insulated from the worst of the consequences.  Those will be for us to bear - and the FBI won't give a damn.


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