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"You ain’t seen nuthin’, yet"


That's how Neil Oliver opens his latest opinion piece.  He's writing from Britain, but the points he makes are just as valid here in the USA - just change the politicians' names as needed.  He points out that all the headlines in the news media are nothing but an attempt to disguise the reality underlying them all.

Ultimately this is all about wealth and power. Not money, remember. Money is to wealth as a menu is to a steak. One’s a worthless bit of paper, the other something that will keep you alive. This is about actual wealth and its acquisition. It’s about the already super-rich getting hold of even more of the real things. Land, buildings, natural resources, gold. While we are supposed to be frightened out of our wits, squabbling among ourselves, and just hoping that one day it will all be over, a relative handful of others are hoovering up all the wealth, as planned.

Whichever way you slice it, an economic and societal shock on a scale that has not happened in lifetimes, if ever, is on its way. The world we live in is built in its entirety upon unimaginable, and now unsustainable, levels of debt. Trillions … quadrillions of dollars worth. There is always much more debt in the world than money – so that it is never possible to settle the debt. Now that debt, all that created money, is about to come crashing down.

There's more at the linkHighly recommended reading.

If you prefer to listen to him, here's the video version.

I've been saying many of the same things for a long time.  It's nice to hear more and more mainstream figures saying them too - even if that won't change the disaster bearing down on us.  It's too late for that now.


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