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Just in case you weren't listening earlier...


... when I spoke about crime, security and self-defense, Tucker Carlson makes the point again.

The transcript is available here.  A quick quote to whet your appetite:

The reason we have societies in the first place, which is to protect the weak from the strong. That's where you have a society. Well, in places like this, it becomes, among many other things, very hard to travel anywhere. You just can't go where you want to go. With legitimate authority in retreat, roads are not controlled by the police. They're controlled by armed predators and the armed predators take exactly what they want from travelers because they can.  

This is an ancient problem. It used to be called highway robbery, and for most of history, it kept people very close to home. Turns out it still exists, but now it's called carjacking. Carjacking is the clearest possible sign that your civilization is falling apart and that's why you find it in places like Somalia and South Africa, places where force, violence and clan loyalty have replaced law and order, places where might makes right.

There's more at the link.  Sounds a lot like some major American cities, doesn't it?

I can only suggest you re-read some of the articles I've written recently about the reality of crime in our cities:

The amoral violence and blind outrage is mind-boggling

It's a real and very present danger to all of us.  Forewarned is forearmed.


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