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Nuscale's SMR reactors get much more expensive

SMR stands for Small Modular Reactor, and the argument was that because all the parts can be built on an assembly line in a factory, SMRs should produce much cheaper electricity than the giants we have tended to build so far.  Unfortunately, estimated costs have more than doubled in 5 years.

From a tweet by @NuclearEngnrng

Estimated cost of NuScale 12-pack SMR is $6.1B in 2020, was $3.6B in 2017.

Estimated cost of NuScale 6-pack is $5.3B in 2022.

HT for chart: @ecopolitain

The chart doesn't estimate the LCOE, but in 2017 Nuscale estimated it at below $60/MWh. Estimated costs have doubled, so that suggests $120/MWh now.  That may still be acceptable if nuclear turned out to be necessary for the last 10% of de-carbonisation of the grid.

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