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"Be prepared to kill a child"


That's the grim warning from J. Kb, one of the writers at the Gun Free Zone blog.  He refers to this incident, in which a New York City taxi driver was murdered by teenage youths he'd just dropped off.  He advises:

Getting killed by a group of children is still getting killed.

Your children will never see you again.  You family will still lose you.

You don’t get a mulligan because your skull was caved in by a 15 year old instead of a 25 year old.

You must deal with the threat as it presents itself, and that threat may be a bunch of teens with hearts full of murder.

You might have to kill a child in self defense.

Be prepared for that reality.

Sadly, he's all too correct.  I had to work with feral youth like that as a prison chaplain.  Many were utterly amoral.  They'd grown up without fathers in the home, and the only example they'd had of how to behave were the drug-dealing, violent street gangs in their "hood".  As far as they were concerned, if you wanted something, you took it.  Questions of private property never even entered their consciousness.  They carried the "If it feels good, do it" moral obscenity to its ultimate conclusion:  "If it feels good to me, do it, and to hell with how it makes anyone else feel."  That's why the residents of urban ghettoes overrun with such feral youth now feel unsafe on their own streets, even in their own homes.  The examples of such barbarity are legion.

I ran into many of them in Africa over the course of my several decades there.  They were the same irrespective of nationality, tribe or culture.  Absolutely feral;  devoid of any sense of right or wrong;  unable to control their impulsive actions, because nobody had ever taught them to stop and think.  In fact, they were incapable of logical, reasoned thought.  Those in America are no different.  I quoted one of them at length a couple of weeks ago, describing his crimes and contemptuously dismissing his victims.

The law may define such people as children, but in reality they're almost inhuman in their amoral, ****-everyone-else approach to life.  They're as dangerous as a pack of rabid animals, and even worse, because they have the intelligence to plan ahead and work together to bring down their prey.  Their cruelty is also much, much worse than animals.  Read the sickening story of Demetrius Griffin for just one example.  There are many other victims like him.  Furthermore, don't think that only black youths behave like that.  There are many hispanic gangs that are just as bad (MS-13, anyone?);  and, while relatively uncommon, some white youths behave as badly.  I've met them behind bars.

J. Kb. is right.  To defend yourself against such attackers, you may have to "kill a child", or what the law determines to be a child.  Think about that now, and decide whether you're prepared to do so if it becomes necessary.  If you're not, you seriously need to relocate to an area where you're unlikely to meet them - meaning out of big, crime-ridden cities.  If you can't do that, and/or choose to stay in such locations, your only option is to not go anywhere you're likely to meet them.  Even then, you have to accept that you may still end up as one of their victims, just another criminal statistic.


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